How Producers Can Use Checklists to Improve Music Quality (with Examples)

Of course, music production is a creative pursuit. You can’t use science alone to write a quality song. But does that mean that creating systems for your music production will ruin the creative process? Absolutely not. In fact, combining creativity with a deliberate process ensures that your music can be of the highest quality. It […]

11 Uncommon Workflow Tips For Uninspired Music Producers

The way we work as producers is paramount to both enjoying the process, and getting a final result we’re proud of. But often, our workflow can be our biggest barrier to new, creative ideas. Sometimes you need to add a shock to the system; a bit of spice to the dish, in order to uncover […]

Dawphobia: Why You’re Not Making Music As Much As You’d Like


Let’s be real – opening the DAW is scary. Whenever we as producers think about making music, we encounter this force that stops us from doing just that. Author Steven Pressfield calls it ‘the resistance’. Writer James Clear calls it ‘friction‘. Others might call it a form of ‘creative block‘ or ‘writer’s block’. But as […]

What Mcdonald’s Can Teach You About Music Production

Ever watched The Founder? It’s a biographical drama about Ray Kroc, the man who turned McDonald’s into an empire. One of the keys to his success was process management and workflow. In other words, “How fast can we get something out the door and into the customer’s hands.” In this post, I’m going to share […]

What South Park Can Teach Us About Music Production

This is a guest post from Noah Lloyd aka Haterade. I know what you’re thinking – how can South Park relate to music production? But hold up – there’s a lot that can be learned here. In the documentary 6 Days To Air, South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker allow the public a […]

Add Meaning to Your Music with The Producer Ritual

Ask any music producer what they want to achieve with their music, and it will likely be something to do with ‘having their personal sound’ or ‘making music from the heart’. Whether you’re making ambient soundscapes or drum & bass bangers, it seems that this one fact unites as all. But many producers express that […]

How To Make House Music: The Complete Guide

How To Make House Music Feature Image

In the beginning, there was house. House music is the foundation of a lot of the music we call ‘EDM’ today, with artists like Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levan and Ron Hardy pioneered the genre back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. It’s been around for so long, that it’s developed an innumerable list of […]

50 Twitter Music Production Tips

50 Twitter Tips Feature

Last year, we posted quite a bit on our Twitter account. But not all of you are following us on there, and sometimes they get lost in the noise. So we decided to round up 50 of the best tips from the past 12 months into this blog post! Because sometimes, you just need something […]

How To Make Drum & Bass: The Complete Guide

How To Make DNB

Genres have come and gone over the years, but drum and bass has always held its ground. And there’s a reason – it’s distinctive and energetic sound is infectious, and it’s consistently kept going by labels like Hospital, Shogun and Metalheadz. So if you’re here, you probably want to learn how to make this sound […]

Why Using More Channels Doesn’t Make You a Better Producer

Too Many Channels Feature Image

Everyone has seen a project file that has so many channels, automation lanes, edits and much more. Take the below examples – one is neat, one is messy, but they both use a lot of channels. So we start to assume that better producers have more complex projects. Better producers also have better music, so […]

Originality: Why It’s Okay to Steal as an Artist

Ever heard the saying: “everything is a remix”? Although this is universally true, most producers are limited by their beliefs that they have to make their own completely unique sound that only represents them. The truth is that originality is found by combining your influences and making them your own. Once you get past this […]

Deliberate Practice: How To Grow Faster as a Producer

Deliberate Practic

Electronic music production is still a new creative field in the history of the world. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn things from other creative fields and apply it. One of those concepts is deliberate practice. And if you wield it right, it can double, triple or quadruple your growth. Ready to learn more? […]

Ableton Live Piano Roll: 19 Killer Tips for Workflow & Creativity

Piano Roll Article

The piano roll is where all the magic happens in Ableton Live. Melodies are crafted, chords are forged and basslines are written. But there’s a lot about the piano roll that’s left in the dark. Like this entire section here: So here are some of my favourite tips to helping you become a piano roll […]

Collaboration: How Your Music Can Benefit From Producing With Others

“Collab bro?“ It’s become a colloquialism within internet producer circles. But there’s a reason behind it. Producers collaborate for a variety of reasons: to learn new skills, to come up with better ideas, inspiration, or even career growth. Beyond that, every producer wants to collaborate with their idols. But not every producer knows how to […]

High Output: How To Improve at Production by Making A Lot of Music

Many new producers want to just finish a damn track. So they spend hours and days and weeks ‘perfecting’ one song. The truth? This strategy simply doesn’t work if you want to improve. In fact, you have to finish a lot if you want to get better. Let’s see what I mean. Note: this blog post […]