Can’t Get The Sounds In Your Head Into Your DAW?

Breakthrough Sound Design helps you turn ideas in your head into real sounds, develop your signature style, and skyrocket the quality of your music.

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Are you...

Caught in the never-ending struggle of trying to find or create sounds that fit your song?

Do you...

 Find it impossible to get that sound… the sound you know will take your project to the next level… from your head and into your DAW?

Have you...

Ever found yourself scrolling through preset packs hoping to find the right sound for your song, but with no luck?

Here's how to fix that...

Why you can't make the music you want to make (the Mind-to-DAW Gap) 🧠

I’m not going to tell you that learning sound design is the most important thing a producer can do.

That’s a flat-out lie.

But it is a crucial component of THE most important skill in a producer’s arsenal:  closing the mind-to-DAW gap.

In other words: being able to take the ideas and sounds in your head, and recreate them inside your DAW. Rapidly and accurately.

So instead of it looking like this for you…

It looks more like this…

Many producers take the time to learn theory, songwriting, and a host of other skills that help to close this mind-to-DAW gap… but still find themselves frustrated when they can’t reproduce the sound and style that they desire.

99% of the time, it’s because they simply don’t know how.

Maybe this is you. 

You can put down a chord progression you like… a catchy melody…

But the sound itself is where you get stuck. You have it in your head, but it just doesn’t come out how you want it to come out

You find some presets that are close, but not close enough.

And while music theory, songwriting, arrangement and mixing are ALL fundamentally important… there’s nothing that will help you close the mind-to-DAW gap faster than knowing sound design. 

Despite this, many producers still look for shortcuts that they think will help them close this dreaded mind-to-DAW gap.

Sometimes these shortcuts actually work, but none of them are long term solutions. None of them will consistently close the mind-to-DAW gap. 

The only thing that will truly do that is an understanding and knowledge of sound design and synthesis. 

In other words, knowing how to precisely and accurately design the sound that’s swimming around in your head…

The 3 Major Sound Design Struggles 😓

Like anything good in life, sound design doesn’t come easy. 

In fact, most producers see it as one of the more complicated parts of music production. 

But there are 3 key struggles that almost all producers face when it comes to sound design.

“I can’t get what’s in my head into my DAW.”

This is by far the most common struggle that producers have when it comes to sound design.

They simply don’t have the synthesis and post-processing knowledge to craft the sound they desire—the sound they hear so clearly in their head.

“I don’t know where to start.”

Sound design is complicated. There’s lots of terminology, different styles of synthesis, effects, and parameters that you need to understand in order to design the sounds you want. 

For many producers, this leads to paralysis. There seems to be so much to learn that they don’t know where to even begin.

“Can’t create sounds that fit my song.”

Sound design is complicated. There’s lots of terminology, different styles of synthesis, effects, and parameters that you need to understand in order to design the sounds you want. 

For many producers, this leads to paralysis. There seems to be so much to learn that they don’t know where to even begin.

The Power of Breakthrough Sound Design 🔊

How would it impact your music if you were extremely competent in sound design?

Imagine this…

You sit down to start a new song.

As soon as you sit down and open your DAW, you hear birds chirping outside. Immediately, you have an idea for a new sound in your head, inspired by the chirping.

In the past, you’d reach for the nearest preset pack hoping to find the exact sound you want… only to be disappointed.

But this time, it’s different.

You open up your favourite synth and start making the sound that you hear in your head.

You know exactly which parameters to twist, settings to enable, filters to use, and post-processing effects to add in order to create the sound in your head. 

You’re so happy with the sound that it leads to more inspiration, and you instantly hear a melody idea in your head. 

One thing leads to another, and before you know it, you‘ve finished a unique, original track that you’re proud to call your own. 

Knowing sound design and synthesis can help you achieve exactly this. It can help you close the mind-to-DAW gap so you can make the music you want to make. 

But there’s a range of other benefits that come from learning sound design. We surveyed our audience, asking the above question: “How would it impact your music if you were extremely competent in sound design?”

The three most popular answers (from 732 survey responses) were:

This is the power of Breakthrough Sound Design, and you can experience it.

How to Master Sound Design and Set Yourself Apart From the Sea of Generic Producers 🚀

If you want to drive your music forward, speed up your workflow, and create your own signature sound, then you and I both know that sound design is a big part of that equation.

Problem is, most producers who try to learn sound design either give up, or simply don’t get far enough to the point where it really makes a difference. 

If you want to get really damn good at sound design, here’s the path…

Step #1: Avoid the SLOW self-taught approach 🐢

I’ve talked to dozens of producers who failed to pick up sound design because they took this approach. 

They tried hacking together a bunch of resources: YouTube tutorials, books, random tips and tricks from Reddit… you name it. 

They learned a few things, but ultimately got frustrated and put sound design in the “too hard” basket. 

Why? Because they had no structure or plan. They were taking the slow approach, packed with trial and error. 

It’s great if you have time to burn, but let’s be honest: most of us don’t.

Step #2: Develop the right foundation 🧱

Sound design is cool

Everyone likes to show off the fact that they can use Serum like a pro, and make crazy sounds. 

And that’s what producers want to do as soon as they start learning about sound design. 

They make the mistake of trying to learn complicated, advanced techniques before they’ve even developed a foundation.

They might be able to make a complex dubstep growl from memory (because they watched the same YouTube tutorial as everyone else), but if you ask them to tweak it or make a different sound? They get stuck.You need to develop a solid foundation first.

Step #3: Rapidly learn & practice (in context) 🎛

Once the foundation is in place, the best thing you can do is just put the time in. Work, practice, design, experiment, learn. 

This is the time-consuming part, but it’s also one of the most important. 

Unfortunately, most producers stop at step 2. They develop the foundation, and then think they know enough. 

But the difference between an amateur sound designer and a pro is hours of systematic practice (not just blind trial & error). 


The comprehensive, 7-module online course that helps you master sound design and synthesis (even if you’re starting at square one)

We’ve taken decades of sound design experience and knowledge, and compacted it into an actionable online program that helps you level up your sound design skills (from beginner, to intermediate, then advanced). 

Whether you’re completely new to sound design and synthesis, or you know the basics but keep struggling to close the gap between what’s in your head and what ends up in your DAW, then this is the course for you.

"Instead of teaching me how to recreate a specific sample or patch, Aden gave me the tools required to craft my own. This course is invaluable for producers seeking to personalize their sound."
Charles Gridley

A Sneak Peak At what you'll learn 👀

Foundational Sound Design

Learn the basics of synthesis and develop a cohesive understanding of how everything works.

Effects & Processing

Discover the power of post-processing and take your sounds from 2D to 3D with key techniques and workflows.

Sampling & Resampling

Create truly groundbreaking and unique sounds by harnessing the power of sampling, resampling, and sample-based synthesis.


Learn the “big picture” of how to layer effectively without muddying up your mix

Integrated Sound Design

Learn how to integrate sound design into your production workflow so it fits with your composition, arrangement and mix.

Advanced Sound Design

Take your skill to the next level and develop a unique edge by mastering next-level techniques and tools.

"I've been working on music production for two years now and spent a lot of time learning things the hard way through trial and error. Breakthrough Sound Design taught me more practical concepts in one month than I learned in two years fiddling around in Ableton with no direction, and showed me how to take those concepts and apply them in my DAW every session. I cannot recommend this course highly enough for any producer, regardless of your experience level."
John Doherty




The Foundations of Sound Design

In this module, you’ll develop a solid foundational understanding of sound design and synthesis. By the end of it, you’ll have a clear picture of how sound design and synthesis fits into your production workflow.



Many producers don’t know where to start when it comes to sound design because they look at a synth (like Serum) and get overwhelmed by all the knobs and parameters. 

The solution to this confusion is to build a strong understanding and “mental map” of how synthesis works. 

That’s what we’ll cover in module 2. You’ll learn how a synth works, inside and out, so you can start making sense of it all.



In this module, you’ll take your sounds from 2D to 3D by learning all you need to know about sound design processing and manipulation. The end result? You’ll be able to take a simple sound that you’ve synthesized, and turn it into something that fits with the rest of your song perfectly.



In this module, you’ll learn how you can make the most out of pre-existing samples and sounds by curating, manipulating and arranging them in completely different contexts. We’ll dive into techniques like warping, time-stretching, reversing, pitching and even recording your own sounds (using tools you likely already have).



In this module, we dive deep into layering. You’ll learn the “big picture” of how to layer effectively without muddying up your mix, and also how to avoid layering overkill (where you make the sound worse instead of better).



You might know how to design great sounds, but that means nothing if you can’t bring your sound design chops into the context of everything else going on in the production process.

In module 6, you’ll learn all about how to integrate sound design into your workflow, and how it fits in with everything else (including composition and mixing).



In this module, you’ll learn all about advanced sound design and be introduced to less-common synthesis techniques like FM synthesis and granular synthesis. You’ll also learn about physical modelling and non-realtime processing tools.



Learn how to synthesize and design popular sounds in 9 different genres…



Taught by professional DnB producer HumaNature, this masterclass will teach you:



Get access to our Find Your Sound masterclass and learn…

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Three promises if you join us

Here are our commitments.

Lifetime updates.

We update our courses regularly and add in more content. You get lifetime access to Breakthrough Sound Design and ALL updates we make to it. 

30-day money back guarantee

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Guaranteed support

Ever enrolled in a course and felt left behind? That’s the last thing we want for you. You’ll have access to our support team from day one. 

What do I need?

All you need is a copy of ANY popular DAW and XFER Records Serum. 

You can start using Serum for just $10 per month on a “rent-to-own” plan (this is an affiliate link).

Ready to take your sound design skills to the next level?​

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"Before taking this course, I was confused about how to create the sounds that I hear in my head. My biggest frustration was not knowing how to get the sound I want consistently. I’d just do it by accident sometimes and wouldn’t know how to do it again. Aden takes you through the fundamentals of sound design all the way to the advanced techniques. I believe that knowing the principles of how something works is the best way to internalize a skill. And that’s exactly what this course does for the sound designer/producer. There was a moment when I was trying to reverse engineer an example shown in the course. When I was able to make the exact sound, something clicked in my mind and I went: “So THIS is how you do it!!” Now, sound design is the favorite part of my music-making process."
Benny Ng

“Unlike other mixing courses, I’ve actually been able to apply all of these techniques in my own tracks as well. It helped me finish off 3 tracks in two weeks, and get one signed to a bigger label!”

Justin Zanish

“This course demystifies many aspects of the mixing process.  Having access to multiple, successful, industry professional instructors makes for an invaluable learning experience.”


Our students love
our courses

We’re not just interested in teaching you the basics. We want to help you take things to the next level. We want to give you results.

"Prior to taking Breakthrough Sound Design, most of my sound design knowledge came from scoring for videos, the scattered YouTube tutorial or article - but this course changed all that. Each lesson and walkthrough encourages you to experiment and to actively think about what you're doing in and out of your synth so that you're not turning dials willy-nilly. BSD has opened the door to possibilities beyond my sample packs and presets. Thank you, EDMProd :)"
Celina Tang


Taught by Aden Russell


Hey, I’m Aden. I have over 10 years of music production experience, and head up the blog and video content here at EDMProd.

Outside of that, I produce liquid drum & bass under the alias Artsea, and have also produced many other genres over the years, such as lofi hip-hop, deep house and more.

I’ve been teaching music production for many years, and am excited to show you what you’ll be learning inside Breakthrough Sound Design.


The SLOW Way to Learn Sound Design

You know sound design and synthesis are important, and you really want to close that mind-to-DAW gap and start crafting your signature sound.

In fact, you’ve known this for a while, and if you’re like most producers, you’ve already tried learning sound design.

The slow approach is the default approach. It’s what most of us will fall into if we lack a solid alternative. 

But what if instead of taking this slow approach, filled with blind trial & error, frustration, and lack of progress… what if you could rapidly and systematically learn synthesis and sound design so that you can finally make the music you want to make?

Instead of random YouTube tutorials and average courses, you have access to a step-by-step, foundational program that teaches you the why, what, when, and how of sound design. You won’t just walk away with a bunch of techniques, you’ll walk away with a real skill that you can confidently use when producing.

How would your music change if you knew sound design in and out?

Would you finally be able to craft that unique style you’re after?

Would you feel like more of an “artist” knowing that you’re designing original sounds, instead of just relying on popular presets that everyone else is using?

Or is it the missing piece in your arsenal of music production skills that, if learned, would transform you into the well-rounded producer you want to be?

Here’s what some of our readers and students have to say…

“My music would sound more genuine and closer to what’s in my head.”

“Things I make would stop sounding like early 90s Casio demos.”

“Essentially, it would remove me from the homogenous class of moderately talented bedroom producers with decent ears and ideas, and put me in the class of producers that have their own unique, definitive, and identifiable sound.”

“I’d be able to create the sound I’m looking for without wasting precious time browsing through countless presets or sample packs.”

“Would make production 1,000 times easier for me.”

It’s not just about designing sounds, it’s about making them work together

There’s more to sound design than just knowing how to create a smooth pluck or filthy neuro bass.

Perhaps the most important skill, in all of sound design, is knowing how to create and tweak sounds that complement everything else going on in your project.

You can create something that sounds impressive when listened to in isolation from the rest of your project, but as soon as you try to integrate it… it doesn’t work. It sounds out of place. It’s not the right sound. 

Learning how to make sounds work together is a skill. It’s not something that you can just learn from one YouTube tutorial. It’s something that needs to be built up through deep knowledge and practice. 

We’ve made this a key component of Breakthrough Sound Design. Not only will you learn the hard tactical skills, but you’ll also develop an intuition of how to create cohesive projects made up of sounds and samples that mesh together perfectly. 

Our promise and guarantee (100% risk-free)

We are confident that Breakthrough Sound Design will help you level up your sound design game, but we know that it’s quite a commitment to enroll in a course of this size. That’s why we want to give you 30 days to go through the content, try it out, and make sure that it’s really helping you.

You can enroll and go through as much of the course as you want in 30 days. If you don’t LOVE it, then we’ll refund 100% of your money. No sneaky tactics. No “action-based” refund policy where you have to watch X amount of videos or do the worksheets. Just send us a simple email and let us know if it didn’t work out for you.

Course + Bonuses + Genre Breakdowns

Turn ideas in your head into real sounds, craft your unique style, and skyrocket the quality of your music.

100+ HD Videos

Only available inside Breakthrough Sound Design. Watch on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. 

Private Community + Support

Ask questions under videos, or get help in our private mastermind group for EDMProd premium students only.


Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! Although Breakthrough Sound Design is taught in Ableton Live, you can use practically any DAW and still follow along just fine.

You will need Xfer Serum to get the most out of the course. 

All you need is a computer, a copy of a DAW, headphones (or monitors), and a copy of Xfer Serum (you can get it on rent-to-own here).

Throughout the course, we predominately use stock (built-in) plugins and devices for each DAW, meaning you don’t need to spend hundreds on third-party plugins.

A common concern people have when signing up to a course of this size is that they’ll run out of time and fall behind.

That can’t happen with this program as it’s self-paced. You can go through it in a matter of weeks if you’re extremely diligent and have a lot of time, or you can go through it at a slower pace and take it all in. Whether it takes weeks, months, or even years—it doesn’t matter. You’ll always have access to the course material.

The course itself consists of online videos, split up by walkthroughs and modules.

Our students love our courses because they are not designed just like any course out there. We create them with three principles in mind:

Action-based. Not boring. Comprehensive.

Our courses aren’t just videos to be watched – each step encourages you to follow along in your own DAW.

We aren’t just regurgitating a bunch of information – we’re keeping it interesting by helping you develop skills.

And lastly, this isn’t just a few tips thrown together – this course was deliberately designed to give you the full picture when it comes to mastering. We don’t miss any detail, and if you think we did, let us know.

Yep! Our money-back guarantee ensures that if you don’t like the course, we’ll give you 100% of your money back within the first 30 days. No questions asked.

This is a fully comprehensive course that teaches you sound design from the foundations up – step-by-step. It’s also delivered by a pro in the industry, not just anybody.

You won’t find anything this comprehensive just lying around on YouTube.

And while you might find a few tips or tricks that we use throughout this course in a tutorials, it won’t provide you with the full picture that makes a great sound designer and producer.

After you sign up and complete your payment, you’ll instantly get an email from our course platform with information on how to access the course. Your bonuses will arrive in a separate email within just a few minutes. You can start the course whenever you please.

If you’re new to production, we recommend checking out EDM Foundations instead.

If you’ve got the basics down and are looking to expand your sound design skillset, then this is the course for you.

EDM Foundations is designed for beginners. Mastering For Producers is designed for intermediate-to-advanced producers who want full sonic control over their final song.

If you’re interested in general production, choose EDM Foundatons.

If you want better masters for your music, choose Mastering For Producers.

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