The Producer’s Guide to File & Sample Organization

The Producer's Guide to Sample & File Organization

When you think of the perfect studio, you probably imagine something like this: But having your samples and files unorganized makes your internal studio look like this: When it comes to your music library, file and sample organization are paramount to good workflow, which will ultimately help you make better music. Yet when most producers […]

Finishing Music: Strategies For Completing Your Tracks

Finishing Music

Never has a music career been launched where the artist never finished tracks. Why? Because music isn’t listened to in part, it’s listened to as a finished product. So if you want to grow as a producer, for your own sake or for building a career, finishing tracks is non-negotiable. But it’s hard, Sam! My […]

How To Make Future Bass: 9 Simple Steps

How To Make Future Bass - Header Image

Future Bass is undoubtedly the biggest genre in EDM right now. It has virally infiltrated a lot of pop music. Artists like Marshmello, San Holo and Illenium have dominated the industry and brought with them a melodic & euphoric take on the bass drop. But it sounds complicated to make, right? Just listen to those […]

Creative Block: What It Is and How to Beat It

Creative block. Writer’s block. Mental block. Whatever you want to call it – it’s an issue that plagues producers all too often. But how do you deal with it? Today, I’ll dive into this common problem, and give you some strategies you can use to overcome it. Note: this blog post is an excerpt from […]

Are There ‘Best Practices’ in Electronic Music Production?

It’s 2000 and the new year has ticked over. You’re out with your friends, enjoying the early hours of the morning. “Ah well, time to go home,” you say to your buddies. “What? You can’t leave now!” your mate John replies. “Why not? It’s 2AM?” you ask. “We’re going all night, baby!” you other friend […]

How to Balance Music With a 9-5 Job

There is nothing more exciting than the idea of making a living off of music production. Whether that means touring with an artist project, releasing on your favorite labels, or working behind the scenes, you’d love nothing more than to (at some point) ditch your soul-crushing 9-5 for a career in music. If you’re trying […]

Creativity: A Guide for Electronic Music Producers

Every producer wants to be more creative. It’s integral to what we do – making music. Easier said than done though, especially when life gets in the way. To be truly creative, we need to understand the essence of creativity, and how to use it to make us better producers. Let’s go. Note: this blog […]

100 Ableton Live Tips for Insane Workflow & Creativity

100 Ableton Tips Image

Ableton Live is one of the best DAWs for workflow and creativity. But how do you know where to find all the little shortcuts and hacks? Us producers often don’t know what we don’t know. Sometimes you just need a big bunch of Ableton tips. That’s why we wrote 100 of them, from beginner, to […]

Workflow: The Complete Guide for Music Producers

Workflow is the backbone of any good producer. You can’t come up with good music without it. Plus, you already have one, whether you like it or not. But what actually is it, and how do you optimize it? Let’s tackle workflow. Note: this blog post is an excerpt from my book, The Producer’s Guide […]

How To Sample Music: The Complete Guide

How To Sample Music

What do Queen, Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye have in common? They’ve all been sampled, 100’s and if not 1000’s of times. Sampling is a key part of electronic, hip-hop and music in general. No doubt you’ve heard a record containing a snippet of another’s music. But learning the art form is a process that […]

25 Unique Tips For the FL Studio Piano Roll

25 FL Studio Piano Roll Tips

I’ll admit, I’m a big Ableton Live fan. But as an ex-FL Studio user, I really miss the Piano Roll, among other great features. Why? Well, as you’re about to see, it’s extremely powerful. So powerful, that I could probably find 200+ tips to write about it. But who wants to sift through over 200 […]

100 Creative Tips & Tricks for FL Studio

100 FL Tips

So you want to know more about FL Studio? Have you learned the basics and don’t know where to go next? Sometimes you just need a big list of tips & tricks to try out. Because as producers, we often don’t know what we don’t know. There’s no catch to this article – no fancy […]

How To Make Lo-fi Hip Hop: 5 Easy Steps

How To Make Lo-Fi Hip Hop

Want to learn lofi hip hop with 3 step-by-step walkthroughs? Check out The Lofi Hip Hop Blueprint (currently 70% off) Ever seen those ’24/7 lo-fi hip hop beats to chill/study/relax to’ streams? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Because of this, the genre is growing and people want to know how to make lo-fi […]

5 Hard-to-Develop Skills All Successful Producers Have

Despite what outsiders say, electronic music production is hard. Yes, it’s easier than it used to be. There’s no need to buy expensive gear or rent out a studio to use the console. But the fact that it’s creative work hasn’t changed. And creative work, regardless of what field it’s in, is difficult. To succeed […]

Getting Started in Sound Design using The 3 Rs

Sound Design - The 3 R's

Sound Design is what makes music production fun. It might be why you chose to pursue production rather than a traditional instrument. But when you start, it’s overwhelming and frustrating to learn. Sound design tutorials aren’t enough. In fact, when I started out, I literally spent hours aimlessly staring at my synth (Massive), trying to […]