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How do some producers make great music after just one year of producing, while others still sound average?

It’s not that they’re more talented.

It’s not that they have more money. 

And it’s not even necessarily that they have more time…

The answer? It’s how they learn and practice.

The most successful new producers have these things in common: 

  • They work quickly and focus on finishing songs (not just starting them)…
  • They develop real skills rather than just watching an endless amount of tutorials…
  • They build habits that help them learn quickly and practice effectively…

But most importantly, they get a good start.

They get the right education and advice from the get-go. This saves them hundreds of hours of time over the course of their learning trajectory. It helps them forge good habits (and avoid bad ones). And it’s a lot less frustrating than the path most new producers take. 

If you’re a new producer, you’re likely thinking about all of this. Anxiously.

You love electronic music, and you just want to make it. 

But you don’t know where to start. 

You’ve read a few articles… watched a few videos…

But instead of giving you answers, they left you with more questions. 

Or maybe you’ve already tried. You’ve taken an online course or program, but it was too confusing (and if you’re honest, a bit boring). 

All YOU want to do is skip the nonsense and start off on the right foot. You want to find the best education at an affordable price.  

Don't do what I did

I’m Sam Matla. I’ve been producing music for over 10 years and teaching it professionally for the last 6 years.

I wasted a lot of time learning how to make electronic music. What took me months to learn could have been shortened to a few weeks.

I had no direction. I was completely on my own. 

Sure, I picked up some techniques and ideas from various tutorials… which helped. But I still didn’t understand how everything worked together. 

Those first few months left me confused and discouraged. 

I almost quit. 

In fact, I took a break for several months before returning, simply because I found it too difficult. 

Looking back, I realized I made three key mistakes during those first few months:

  1. I focused too much on theoretical learning, instead of actually doing
  2. I developed bad habits. I cut corners, worked slowly, and didn’t finish what I started…
  3. I had no framework for learning. I split my attention between too many different areas of production, and progressed at an incredibly slow rate.

Introducing: EDM Foundations

The 4-week online course that teaches electronic music production through action and practice.

Three years ago, I noticed that thousands of new producers were coming to our website every day desperately looking for answers. 

After talking to many of them, I realized something…

True learning isn’t just about being fed endless amounts of information. True learning takes place when you put concepts into practice, over and over. 

See, anyone can read a book about writing melodies and come away with more knowledge. But the people who consistently write great melodies? They’ve done it over and over again. They’ve developed the skill of melody writing. 

This realization led me to develop a course for new producers that focuses on exactly this. Skill development. Intuitive learning. Finishing songs. And having fun. 

In other words, a course that actually helps. 

That’s what EDM Foundations is. It’s an in-depth, self-paced online course that teaches you the basics of everything you need to know about electronic music production. You’ll progressively learn more complex and advanced techniques and concepts as you progress through the course. You won’t get overwhelmed, and you won’t get bored. I’ll walk you through all of it. 

Once you’ve gone through the course, you’ll have 4 finished songs that you can show friends and family. 

EDM Foundations teaches you EXACTLY what you need to get started making your own electronic music, as quickly as possible

Here’s how…

  • It teaches you how to use your software effectively and productively, so you create good working habits from the get-go
  • You learn by doing. The course walks you through the creation of FOUR songs, step-by-step (without missing anything).
  • It teaches you what you need to know when you need to know it. We don’t throw everything at you straight away and leave it up to you to figure out.

Here’s a taste of what you’re getting inside the course:

  • How to use your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and set it up like the professionals do (for both FL Studio and Ableton Live users)
  • FOUR different step-by-step song walkthroughs that help you rapidly learn music production skills. Genres include: House, Future Bass, Trap, Melodic Bass
  • The best crash course for learning music theory in the context of electronic music production (so you know how to make music that isn’t boring).
  • Building a creative mindset and habits so you can crush music production during the course and afterwards.
  • A proven framework for starting and finishing your own original songs after going through the course (so you don’t get stuck)
  • Project files, resources, and downloads so you can follow along with exactly what we’re doing, step-by-step, without missing ANYTHING.
  • Unlimited questions and answers, so even if you do get stuck, we’re here to help

The full package breakdown (everything you get access to)

The full EDM Foundations course

You get full, lifetime access to the course that has helped over 2,800 producers master the fundamentals of electronic music production.

4 professional project walkthroughs that teach you production techniques and concepts step-by-step, without the frustration. All project files & resources are included.

Note: We have two versions of the course: one for Ableton Live users, and another for FL Studio users. 

View full syllabus 👉

The EDM Foundations Guidebook

Quickly reference techniques and concepts with the included 100+ page guidebook (so you don’t always have to go back into and re-watch videos)

Live Q&A & Feedback Sessions

We’re not here to enroll you in the course and then forget about you. We’re committed to getting you results as a producer.

That’s why you get personalized feedback, mentorship and guidance from us course instructors during our live Q&A group calls every month.

You get lifetime access to these calls, along with all the recordings. That’s thousands of dollars of value. 

Interactive producer community

Doing the whole music production thing alone? It can get boring. Enrolling in EDM Foundations enables you to join our private community of producers—all on the same wavelength as you. 

Build connections, get inspired, ask questions, share your wins, get feedback, and have fun!

You also get access to the following bonuses to take your production game to the next level

Serum Sound Design Masterclass

Want to master sound design with Serum? This 2+ hour masterclass takes you from newbie to pro. Learn the basics, then move on to advanced functions like the wavetable editor. You’ll gain a bunch of Serum workflow tips too.

Songwriting Bootcamp

If you can’t write good melodies and chord progressions, your music will sound stale. Our Songwriting Bootcamp takes you through the theory and framework behind writing great chords, progressions, and catchy melodies.

Mixing & Mastering Start-to-Finish (Hyperbits)

Get hours of mixing and mastering advice from world-class producer Hyperbits. This bonus includes start-to-finish walkthroughs for mixing, mastering, and stem mastering. 

EDM Foundations Legacy & Classic

When you enroll in the Complete Package, you also get access to the two previous versions of EDM Foundations.

Why would you want these? Because it’s 6 extra walkthroughs. The old versions aren’t obsolete, and they’re great practice to go through after taking the new version of the course. 

And three EXTRA bonus courses
(available until the timer runs out)


Producer Mindset Mastery

This program will help you develop a rock-solid creative mindset and framework for rapidly developing music production skills. If you find it hard to finish music, be creative, or you just face resistance every time you sit down to make something—this is for you. 

(Coming July 31st)

The Remixing Masterclass

Remixing has traditionally been seen as “easier” than producing originals. This isn’t always true. There’s an art to producing a great remix that few producers talk about, until now. This 6-module masterclass will run you through all you need to know.

The 10-Day Song Finishing Plan

Can’t finish anything? Work too slowly? The 10-Day Song Finishing Plan is a proven framework that helps you come up with an idea, then take it to completion within 10 days. If you need a blueprint, this is it. 

Here's how it works

EDM Foundations is a practical course. You’ll spend 90% of your time in your DAW following along step-by-step with what we’re doing, learning as you go. 

By the end of the course, you’ll have developed four core production skills:  

1. Idea Generation

You’ll be able to write catchy melodies, craft solid chord progressions, program detailed drum sequences, and more. 

2. Arrangement

You’ll know how to turn an idea into a full song, create build-ups, use tension & energy, and keep the listener interested.

3. Sound Design

You’ll understand the tools & techniques used to make unique sounds, as well as audio manipulation and sample tweaking/refinement.

4. Mixing

You’ll know how to use faders and effects to balance the instruments and sounds in your song, making it sound clear and polished.

You’ll develop these skills through copying, repetition, and experimentation. 

Here’s how: we’ll work on four full songs together throughout the course. Essentially, we’ll walk you through the song creation process, step-by-step, from start to finish, three times. 

Each song should take roughly one week to complete (though, you’re welcome to go at your own pace. There’s no deadline). After the course, we’ll give you guidance on how to produce your own original.

What You'll Learn in Each Module & Project

Introductory Modules

If you’re completely new to production, or even music as a whole, these first two modules will quickly help you understand how a D.A.W (Digital Audio Workstation) works and also how music fundamentally works.


Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Basics

For Ableton Live & FL Studio

Whether you’re an FL Studio or Ableton Live user, we’ll help you master the fundamentals of your DAW and quickly build a professional workflow. 

You’ll learn:

  • How DAWs work (it's less complicated than you think)
  • The best way to set up FL Studio or Ableton Live
  • How to best navigate the interface and build a workflow

Music Theory Basics

Most new producers skip learning music theory. Bad idea. This module will run you through what you need to know about music theory in less than one hour.

You’ll learn:

  • How the major and minor scales work
  • The importance of intervals and how to use them
  • How to build chords and chord progressions

Step-by-Step Project Walkthrough Modules

After learning the basics, you’ll dive in to the four walkthrough projects. You’ll download the resource files, be given a quick overview, and then I’ll walk you through each step.

(full syllabus available below this section)


Project 1: Future Bass

In the first project, you’ll learn the fundamentals of chord writing, vocal arrangement, and track arrangement. Specifically, we’ll focus on building a powerful drop by layering multiple instruments.

You’ll learn:

  • How to arrange and layer multiple instruments
  • The secrets behind an energetic and engaging arrangement
  • The foundational approach to getting a clean mixdown

Project 2: House

Having learned the basics during project one, we’ll step things up in the second walkthrough and focus heavily on building a powerful house groove. In this project, we’ll spend most of our time programming a solid drum loop and layering bass instruments.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create a powerful groove with just drums and bass
  • Layering techniques to create a "wall of sound"
  • How to build tension and energy into a drop

Project 3: Melodic Bass

The third project is an instrumental one, which means we have to compensate with our composition and percussive programming to keep the song interesting. We’ll do this again through layering, careful placement of sounds, and an impactful drum sequence.

You’ll learn:

  • How to layer drums for maximum impact
  • Creating a unique second drop (using existing elements)
  • Techniques and tactics for keeping your arrangement interesting

Project 4: Future Pop

Our final project is by far the most complex track to produce, but it’s also the most rewarding. You’ll be using a professionally recorded vocal to start with, arranging elements and instruments around it. We’ll focus heavily on instrumentation and layering to build the hit. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to build a song around a vocal
  • Group processing and mixing for clarity and punch
  • How to take a project from average to great

What do I need?

All you need is a copy of Ableton Live or FL Studio and XFER Records Serum.

The Full Course Syllabus

We’ll help you master the fundamentals of production and take your music to the next level. Here’s how…

Ableton Live Version
FL Studio Version
  • What is a DAW?10:34
  • Arrangement View07:16
  • Session View07:27
  • The Browser04:26
  • The MIDI Editor06:07
  • Clip View04:59
  • Rhythm: The basics02:49
  • The Major Scale: How to build & remember it07:59
  • The Minor Scale: How to build & remember it06:16
  • Intervals – why they’re important 05:25
  • Chords, the easy way10:51
  • The simple approach to chord progressions08:06
  • Making progressions sound great with variation05:30
  • 1. Building the chorus drums14:11
  • 2. Adding extra percussion11:37
  • 3. Arranging the verse vocal08:51
  • 4. Creating the verse chord progression27:49
  • 5. Making our verse interesting: adding extras14:44
  • Workshop: Arrangement Basics14:50
  • 6. Pre-chorus synths (part 1)14:43
  • 7. Pre-chorus synths (part 2)12:38
  • 8. Pre-chorus automation09:49
  • 9. Pre-chorus effects16:23
  • Workshop: Mixing Basics30:04
  • 10. Drop supersaw build17:35
  • 11. Drop bass build12:44
  • 12. Drop chord layers08:08
  • 13. Drop chord layers19:00
  • 14. Creating sends & returns09:30
  • 15. Drop effects & arrangement11:20
  • 16. Drop bass layer11:50
  • 17. Building out the rest of the arrangement12:42
  • 18. Creating the post-chorus (part 1)08:23
  • 19. Creating the post-chorus (part 2)25:17
  • 20. The outro: taking the energy down06:10
  • 21. Final additions16:44
  • 22. Mixing (part 1)21:36
  • 23. Mixing (part 2)15:02
  • 24. Mixing (part 3)13:58
  • 25. Mastering & exporting14:42
  • 1. Drop drum loop17:44
  • 2. Vocal arrangement 07:26
  • 3. Drop bass10:09
  • 4. Verse chords18:20
  • 5. Verse layers (part 1)14:25
  • 6. Verse layers (part 2)13:05
  • 7. Full arrangement06:51
  • 8. Drop layers14:25
  • 9. Drop sub bass + sends11:21
  • 10. Drop extras08:45
  • 11. Drop FX12:08
  • 12. Verse 210:33
  • 13. Groove pools08:51
  • 14. Second build10:56
  • 15. Final arrangement12:54
  • 16. Extras27:44
  • 17. Group processing (part 1)15:30
  • 18. Group processing (part 2)08:59
  • 19. Mixing (part 1)22:33
  • 20. Mixing (part 2)22:37
  • 21. Mixing (part 3)21:21
  • 22. Mastering & exporting15:35
  • 1. Verse drums & bassline21:55
  • 2. Verse chord progression11:42
  • 3. Verse vocals FX & sends17:47
  • 4. Verse counter melodies & percussion11:22
  • 5. Intro + verse FX08:26
  • 6. Build drums & effects11:44
  • 7. Drop drums10:26
  • 8. Drop bassline17:07
  • 9. Drop bass layers12:16
  • 10. Drop lead melody15:48
  • 11. Drop mixing & sidechain19:22
  • 12. Drop extras & effects26:36
  • 13. Pre chorus synths20:45
  • 14. Post chorus/verse17:17
  • 15. Second build09:58
  • 16. Outro07:20
  • 17. Second drop variation11:34
  • 18. Extras & cleanup18:11
  • 19. Mixing (part 1)22:25
  • 20. Mixing (part 2)32:10
  • 21. Mixing (part 3)28:25
  • 22. Pre-master effects10:16
  • 23. Mastering13:46
  • 1. Verse lead vocal & chords13:58
  • 2. Verse basses & tonal plucks11:05
  • 3. Verse drums & FX17:52
  • 4. Verse synths (part 1)13:51
  • 5. Verse synths (part 2)12:04
  • 6. Pre-chorus bass15:09
  • 7. Pre-chorus drums07:36
  • 8. Pre-chorus FX09:33
  • 9. Pre-chorus vocals08:09
  • 10. Chorus drums14:42
  • 11. Chorus lead melody19:47
  • 12. Chorus extras14:48
  • 13. Chorus bass06:53
  • 14. Chorus FX11:07
  • 15. Chorus variation11:43
  • 16. Verse 215:08
  • 17. 2nd pre-chorus11:08
  • 18. Full arrangement09:31
  • 19. Extras & cleanup16:10
  • 20. Mixing (part 1)23:26
  • 21. Mixing (part 2)26:25
  • 22. Mixing (part 3)25:32
  • 23. Mastering + celebration14:03
  • 1. How to start a project (tips & advice)09:46
  • 2. Using reference tracks to “hack” production08:42
  • 3. The song palette strategy03:16
  • 4. Expectations & creativity05:22
  • 5. Five 1-hour track builds54:50
  • 6. Further resources & reading
  • 1. What is DAW?06:39
  • 2. Browser02:09
  • 3. Channel rack03:07
  • 4. Piano roll03:27
  • 5. Clip view/sampler02:09
  • 6. Playlist03:08
  • 7. Mixer03:50
  • 8. Making your first loop04:12
  • 1. Rhythm03:48
  • 2. The major scale05:04
  • 3. The minor scale05:06
  • 4. Intervals05:28
  • 5. Chords10:37
  • 6. Chord progressions06:47
  • 7. Chord variations & inversions05:31
  • 1. Chorus drums14:18
  • 2. Chorus percussion06:28
  • 3. Verse vocal16:19
  • 4. Verse chords11:06
  • 5. Verse extras18:21
  • 6. Pre-chorus synths (part 1)07:10
  • 7. Pre-chorus synths (part 2)12:40
  • 8. Pre-chorus effects12:59
  • 9. Pre-chorus automation10:31
  • 10. Drop supersaw21:14
  • 11. Drop bass15:34
  • 12. Drop chord layers (part 1)10:56
  • 13. Drop chord layers (part 2)06:54
  • 14. Drop development + fill09:28
  • 15. Extra drop bass layer09:39
  • 16. Drop bass layer07:01
  • 17. Arrangement + verse 208:56
  • 18. Post-chorus (part 1)13:44
  • 19. Post-chorus (part 2)12:00
  • 20. Outro08:32
  • 21. Final additions10:04
  • 22. Mixing (part 1)12:33
  • 23. Mixing (part 2)05:59
  • 24. Mixing (part 3)15:52
  • 25. Mastering & exporting13:51
  • 1. Drop drum loop19:15
  • 2. Vocal arrangement 07:14
  • 3. Drop bass09:12
  • 4. Verse chords16:47
  • 5. Verse layers (part 1)07:51
  • 6. Verse layers (part 2)09:55
  • 7. Full arrangement06:51
  • 8. Drop layers26:24
  • 9. Drop sub bass + sends16:13
  • 10. Drop extras04:51
  • 11. Drop FX15:15
  • 12. Verse 218:53
  • 13. Adding groove10:39
  • 14. Second build19:48
  • 15. Full arrangement17:46
  • 16. Extras06:05
  • 17. Group processing09:37
  • 18. Mixing10:10
  • 19. Mastering & exporting07:02
  • 1. Verse drums & bassline18:02
  • 2. Verse chord progression15:42
  • 3. Verse vocal FX & sends11:14
  • 4. Verse counter melodies & percussion09:34
  • 5. Intro + verse FX05:50
  • 6. Build drums & effects12:35
  • 7. Drop drums14:18
  • 8. Drop bassline09:25
  • 9. Drop bass layers08:02
  • 10. Drop lead melody08:02
  • 11. Drop mixing & sidechain17:34
  • 12. Drop extras & effects18:02
  • 13. Pre chorus synths12:38
  • 14. Post chorus/verse 209:02
  • 15. Second build05:07
  • 16. Outro06:03
  • 17. Second drop variation08:35
  • 18. Extras & cleanup06:52
  • 19. Mixing (part 1)11:04
  • 20. Mixing (part 2)05:56
  • 21. Pre-master effects05:58
  • 22. Mastering09:22
  • 1. Verse lead vocal & chords17:35
  • 2. Verse basses & tonal plucks06:29
  • 3. Verse drums & FX12:15
  • 4. Verse synths (part 1)11:11
  • 5. Verse synths (part 2)09:38
  • 6. Pre-chorus bass13:13
  • 7. Pre-chorus drums06:11
  • 8. Pre-chorus FX07:52
  • 9. Pre-chorus vocals04:54
  • 10. Chorus drums11:29
  • 11. Chorus lead melody08:56
  • 12. Chorus extras13:39
  • 13. Chorus bass08:17
  • 14. Chorus FX12:57
  • 15. Chorus variation10:11
  • 16. Verse 214:53
  • 17. 2nd pre-chorus11:43
  • 18. Full arrangement05:06
  • 19. Extras & cleanup05:27
  • 20. Mixing (part 1)17:41
  • 21. Mixing (part 2)07:07
  • 22. Mastering + celebration04:10
  • 1. How to start a project (tips & advice)09:46
  • 2. Using reference tracks to “hack” production08:42
  • 3. The song palette strategy03:16
  • 4. Expectations & creativity05:22
  • 5. Five 1-hour track builds54:50
  • 6. Further resources & reading

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"I was concerned that this would be just another internet money-grab, but I was wrong. EDM Foundations taught me so much it’s unbelievable. Literally everything you need to know."
Ali Ravazi
"I was skeptical at first because from what I'd read it seemed like you could only produce music after years of study. This course proves that wrong. Highly recommend it."

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one payment

  • Full, lifetime access to EDM Foundations
  • Completed course project files
  • Free updates for life
  • Private Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Live Q&A Calls (worth $1200)
  • Serum Sound Design Masterclass
  • Songwriting Bootcamp
  • Mixing & Mastering Workshops (Hyperbits)
  • EDM Foundations Legacy & Classic Versions (worth $400)

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  • Completed course project files
  • Free updates for life
  • Private Facebook Mastermind Group
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Meet the course instructors

Sam Matla

Founder of EDMProd

I’m the founder of EDMProd and original creator of the EDM Foundations program. Over the past 6+ years, I’ve helped thousands of producers around the world make better music and overcome creative problems. I teach the FL Studio version of this course.

Connor O'Brien

Head of Product

I’m head of product at EDMProd, producer, and author of Songwriting For Producers. My original productions have gained over 3 million streams Spotify and YouTube, with features by Billboard and Earmilk. 
 I teach the Ableton Live version of this course.

Got questions?

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, all videos from both the Ableton Live and FL Studio versions of the EDM Foundations course have accurate English captions. The bonus courses do not have captions. All videos and courses are presented in the English language.

Yes! It’s precisely the program for you. It’s designed in a way to help complete beginners master the fundamentals and get going quickly. If you’re brand new, you’ll get value out of this.

It depends. 

Are you consistently finishing music that you’re proud of? Do you feel like you have a solid grasp of the fundamentals? 

If so, then it’s probably not for you. But if you’ve been producing for a while but feel like you never really got a good start—I recommend it. 

The EDM Foundations course is completely online-based.

As soon as you make your payment, you’ll be instantly enrolled in the course platform and you can start the course straight away. 

While we recommend you go through the course in 4 weeks, EDM Foundations is a self-paced course.

You can go through it as quickly or as slowly as you like. If you have a busy schedule, no worries. Take your time. You have lifetime access to this material. It’s not going anywhere. 

The Q&A sessions will usually take place every month around 8:30pm Eastern time on Thursday. We may change this time to accommodate more people in the future. 

You will be able to send questions and tracks for feedback in beforehand and watch the recordings if you can’t make it to the call. 

Great! Feel free to use the chatbox to the bottom right of the page, or email us ([email protected])

Here's what our students are saying

We’re not just interested in teaching you the basics. We want to help you take things to the next level. 

“Before taking this course I felt lost and overwhelmed by the wealth of resources available. This course provided me with an actual plan of action. Thank you Sam!”
Kurt Shuster
"The flow from basics to more advanced topics was really useful and I learnt a lot more going through things in a structured way."
Darren Goddard
“As a business analyst by day, I take a value and ROI frame of mind with everything I do. I think this course is a perfect course for beginners because it is a relatively low price point, but the value of the output for the price point is immense.
Steve Pecora
“The hands-on approach has really helped me to actually learn to make and finish multiple songs. While most courses focus on teaching people about making music, EDM Foundations teaches you how to make music. I recommend this course for any new or aspiring producer, or anyone who needs to revisit the fundamentals.”
Rutger Doornbros