How to Control Harshness When Mastering EDM

High frequencies are essential to a powerful EDM track. But harshness, caused by excessive high-frequencies, can quickly ruin any mix. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to control harshness during the mastering stage. In this guide, you’ll learn: how to identify harshness the best way to dial in professional-sounding EDM mixes ideal settings […]

Sidechain Compression: How To Create Tighter Mixes

Sidechain Compression

Sidechain compression is the hallmark of electronic dance music. It’s that unmistakable pumping effect when you hear the kick hit and the bass duck, and it can be used as both a mixing and creative tool. But it can be a bit daunting to approach – especially if you’re new. So to help, in this […]

Home Recording Studio: What You Really Need as a Producer

The dream home recording studio – it’s what every music producer wants. The rare analog synths. The perfect monitors. All those knobs and buttons to tweak… But back to reality – most of us don’t have the cash to splash on this kind of setup – at least not yet. In fact, for most of […]

How To Get Full Mixdowns by ‘Thinking Like A Compressor’

Think Like A Compressor

Any electronic music producer wants a full-sounding mixdown. One that is not only club-ready, but also sounds great on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. But a full mixdown is easier said than done. So, how do you actually achieve a full mixdown? By what I call ‘thinking like a compressor’. So what does […]

LUFS: How To Measure Your Track’s Loudness in Mastering


LUFS is the modern standard for measuring loudness in music. Everyone wants a clean, loud and polished master – especially if you’re making EDM. And to get that results, you need a reliable way to measure that. This is where LUFS comes in. In this article, we cover: What LUFS means How you can make […]

Multiband Compression: The Complete ‘How To’ Guide

Multiband Compression Article

To most new music producers, multiband compression seems like a dark art. How is it different from EQ? How does it work compared to ‘normal’ compression? Can I use it to fatten up my bass? All of these are great questions, but most producers end up just slapping it on their master, hoping for the […]

The Complete Guide to Distortion and Saturation

Distortion can be a gamechanger for producers. It’s an effect that can range from the subtle warmth on your mix to the extreme crunch on your leads and basses. Yet most producers get lost when it comes to the different types of distortion, when they should use them and how much to dial in. In […]

Compression: The Definitive Guide for Producers


Compression is one of the most misunderstood and misused audio effects in music production. Some people argue it makes things sound louder, some say it helps to make things punchier. All jokes aside, what is it actually doing, and how can you harness its power to make it work in your tracks? There are so […]

EQ: The Ultimate ‘How To’ Guide

EQ Feature

Every producer’s dream is to have a clean mix. EQ is often hailed as that golden tool that can unlock the power of any mix. Of course, it’s more complex than that, but EQ can make a drastic impact on your tracks. The problem? It’s confusing. It’s complicated. And it’s hard to hear what’s going […]

Mixing EDM: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Want to learn everything you need to know about mixing from experienced producers? Check out Mixing For Producers. What is mixing? Is it an art form? Is it a science? There’s no consensus, but people will generally agree it’s a combination of both. Mixerman in his book Zen and the Art of Mixing defines a […]

Marcus Santoro — The Importance Of Analytical Listening

Some producers shy away from branching out of their comfort zone, while Marcus Santoro has thrived under the pressure of reinventing his sound. From monstrous progressive house to emotional progressive trance, Marcus has carried his style between genres flawlessly – and plans to continue to do so. While there might not be one singular reason […]

Making Music Full Time & Developing Ideas Into Songs With WRLD

David Lawson better known in the electronic music scene as WRLD is one of the most promising young talents, having released with renowned record labels such as Monstercat and reaching massive promotional platforms like Mr.SuicideSheep at just the age of eighteen. Now focusing on music full time, he is living what many producers consider to […]

36 Production Tips from Future House Artists

In March, we launched Start to Finish: Uplifting Trance. Next month (May), we’re launching a very special edition of Start to Finish with renowned producer Hyperbits. The genre of that upcoming course is future house, so I figured it’d be a great idea to get in touch with a bunch of future house producers and ask […]

The Secret to a Good Mix (Hint: it’s Hard but Simple)

A lot of you have been asking me to write more articles on mixing, and trust me – I will. But I needed to write this article before starting on any of the technical stuff. Why? Because the technical stuff is useless in application if the foundation is not there. The foundation for a good mix comes from […]

Graham Cochrane on Self-Mastering, Mixing and Freelancing

I have to be talking to a pretty special guest to wake up at 5AM for a 6:30AM interview. Graham Cochrane is the mastermind behind The Recording Revolution, where his mission is to empower home studio owners. He’s been running that website for over 6 years now, which he talks about in this episode. We talk about […]