Sound Design, Layering, and Workflow with DROELOE

“Wanting something gets you nowhere.” — DROELOE

In this episode, I sit down with the extremely talented Dutch duo DROELOE. We talk about their background in music, how they met, and why they decided to form a duo. We also discuss their approach to sound design, layering, drum programming, and more.

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Links from the episode:

Connect with DROELOE:

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Show notes:

  • Their background in music (3:15)
  • How they met (6:15)
  • How they crafted their sound (9:35)
  • How they approach sound design (11:40)
  • Meeting their manager Budi (12:40)
  • Making “Kintsugi” (15:30)
  • Their opinion on music theory (17:30)
  • Their workflow (18:39)
  • Difficulties of being a duo (20:32)
  • Drum programming tips (24:00)
  • Music industry frustrations (27:05)
  • Spotify algorithms (31:05)
  • What’s next for DROELOE (33:50)
  • Touring (35:33)
  • Final pieces of advice (36:40)



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