Budi Voogt – How to Crush Music Marketing (and Life)

If there’s one person I have immense respect for, it’s Budi Voogt. He’s the smartest, most driven person I know.

He’s the co-founder of Heroic, a label and management agency. Instructor of the Music Marketing Academy, and author of The Soundcloud Bible. He’s taken guys like WRLD and San Holo to a new level through his management expertise, and helped empower many more creators, which is at the heart of his vision and mission as an entrepreneur.

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Intro/outro song: Gill Chang X Snareskin – Subliminal

What we talk about:

  • Orfium: can it replace Soundcloud?
  • Soundcloud Go – a feature made out of necessity?
  • How to do your best creative work and beat resistance
  • Budi’s book – The Soundcloud Bible Third Edition
  • Should you have a friend manage you?
  • Why you should gain traction indepedently BEFORE trying to get a manager
  • How co-management works
  • What you should look out for in a manager (what to be wary of)
  • The Fan Funnel: How to Build Your Audience (How to Gain Superfans)
  • Should you use all social media platforms?
  • Empowering creators
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Cool stuff mentioned:

Budi Voogt on the Web:

The Soundcloud Bible

Want to build an audience and gain super fans? Check out Budi’s book, The Soundcloud Bible.


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