COPYCATT on Creative Burnout, Social Media & Bass Post-Processing

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This week, COPYCATT sat down to chat for the EDM Prodcast.

Andre aka COPYCATT is a neuro hop producer originally from the Sunshine Coast in Australia, who is currently based in Melbourne.

In this interview we dive deep into the reality of artist burnout, and how rapid success can be difficult to process and comprehend. We discuss the role of social media in his burnout and how seeking external validation was a big part of that, especially being disconnected from his main scene in the US.

Later on, we explore his sound design process, and how post-processing with saturation, OTT, and other FX are key to getting his neuro basses sound massive. We chat about his latest EP, Trash, and how the sound design on that was representative of his detailed approach to processing and resampling.

If you’re wanting some key career and production advice, tune in for the whole thing.

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0:00 Intro
2:21 Interview start and COPYCATT’s background
6:03 Discovering KOAN Sound
8:05 The early 2010’s dubstep phase
10:03 Changing your alias as you evolve
15:54 Reverse engineering success doesn’t always work
19:09 Success in 2016-2018 & Tom’s Battery
26:06 Burning out from success and the dark side of social media
33:50 Why he didn’t want to make music anymore
38:00 Working on new ideas instead of overhauling old ones
41:54 Releases and the context of music
49:07 What have you been experimenting with in the DAW?
52:38 Post-processing and moving beyond one synth
58:01 Trash EP and bass sound design
01:02:40 What’s coming up next?
01:04:25 If you have a time machine, what would you go back and change?
01:07:10 Where can people find you online?


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