How Producer Fytch Stays Ultra-Productive in the Studio and Makes Unique Music

“Everyone’s looking for that secret trick or hack, but in the end it’s all about doing the fundamental things very well.

In this episode, I sit down with the very talented producer and musician Fytch. This show is packed with a ton of valuable advice from the recent Berklee College of Music Grad. We chat about workflow and creativity, his approach to sound design, what to do when you’re struggling to finish a track, and much more.

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Links from the episode:

Connect with Fytch:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud

Show notes:

  • His beat challenge (4:30)
  • The importance of a rough first draft (8:34)
  • The importance of limitations (10:07)
  • The problem with production “rules” (11:50)
  • Advice for beginners (13:20)
  • More on limitations (15:30)
  • Producing when the pressure is on (20:08)
  • The problem with productivity “hacks” (24:10)
  • The importance of mastering the basics (26:45)
  • Attending Berklee (35:12)
  • Getting schooled in the music industry (37:48)
  • Dealing with fear (39:10)
  • Ignoring trends (43:05)
  • His track “Without Heaven” (46:45)
  • How he approaches sound design (50:14)
  • The importance of automation (52:22)
  • More on the pitfall of “hacks” (58:28)
  • “Natural” processing and effects(63:35)
  • The problem with blanket rules (64:35)
  • Being critical with your workflow (68:25)
  • Letting time do it’s work (70:50)
  • What’s up next (71:50)
  • Final words of advice (74:35)

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