Said The Sky on Workflow, Collaborating with Seven Lions, and His Live Setup

“Finding your sound is a bit of both playing around with it and hoping it comes across naturally, as well as keeping an eye out for it.” —Said The Sky


In this episode, I sit down with the extremely talented producer Said the Sky. We talk about a range of topics, including his workflow, why he left Berklee School of Music, the struggles of going full-time, and how to approach bigger artists.

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Links from the episode:

Connect with Said The Sky:

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Show notes:

  • Trevor’s Backstory (2:41)
  • Why he left Berklee School Of Music (6:22)
  • Working odd jobs while growing his career (7:17)
  • Making the move to full-time (9:07)
  • The struggles of making music full-time (10:48)
  • Honing in on a sound (14:06)
  • Networking and finding a mentor (17:16)
  • Meeting and collaborating with Illenium (18:28)
  • Creating his live setup (20:57)
  • Meeting Seven Lions and collaborating years later(26:17)
  • How Said the Sky starts each track (31:16)
  • Using parallel compression to make loud masters (34:04)
  • Using music theory to make cleaner supersaws (37:09)
  • Why producers overcomplicate things (38:11)
  • Tips on writing great melodies (40:01)
  • The challenge of writing for producers and not producers (42:47)
  • Said the Sky’s music influences (44:47)
  • Three pieces of advice from Said the Sky (48:44)

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