Give It 100% And Be Self-Reflective — A Chat With Dennis Sheperd

“If you download a template, change a few notes here and there… that is not music production.”—Dennis Sheperd

Dennis Sheperd had his first release (on vinyl) after just one year of producing music.

Yep, one year.

How did he do it?

He didn’t take any shortcuts. He didn’t have a mentor that worked with him every day. He didn’t use a silver bullet, as Arcane Echo would say.

Instead, he put in the work.

He’d come home from school and put in 8 hours. Then, he’d do it the next day, and the next day…

And he talks about it all in this interview.

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Links from the episode:

Connect with Dennis Sheperd:

Website | Facebook | TwitterInstagram | YouTube | Soundcloud

Show notes:

  • Background & story (3:25)
  • Where does Sheperd’s drive come from? (7:08)
  • Struggle with composition (8:05)
  • Should producers learn music theory? (9:52)
  • Advice on mixing (11:28)
  • One year till first release (13:22)
  • Should producers learn sound design? Is it really necessary? (15:30)
  • How Dennis built his network through online communities (19:00)
  • How a network of other producers can keep you motivated to make music (21:12)
  • Why you shouldn’t skip the hard work (23:57)
  • What Sheperd’s schedule looks like (27:52)
  • The importance of rest (30:15)
  • The stress that comes with being an artist (32:15)
  • Don’t forget about your friends (41:10)
  • The Trance Retreat—what is it? (43:38)
  • Give it your all and be self-reflective (48:34)

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