Can You Still Make it in Music? A Conversation with Jorge Brea (CEO of Symphonic Distribution)

What does a day in the life look like for the CEO of a 21-person company?

Three things:

  • Different every day
  • Difficult
  • A lot of email

Jorge Brea, was born in the Dominican Republic and ended up in Tampa, Florida, where he spent his time making music (back when vinyl was a thing).

In 2006, he founded Symphonic Distribution, and continues to serve as the CEO for the company.

To learn more, I had him on the podcast to talk about the company, how distribution works, and whether it’s harder to make it in the industry today than before.

His advice to producers and labels is GOLD.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What Symphonic Distribution is
  • Day in the life of a 21-person company CEO
  • Whether you should release independently or on a label
  • The importance of consistency (especially when it comes to release schedules)
  • How distribution actually works
  • How hard it is to make it in today’s industry

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If you want to get your music on Spotify, Beatport, iTunes, Apple Music…without releasing through a label or paying a lot of money (SD is cheaper than CD Baby and Tunecore), then use discount code ‘EDMProd’ at checkout.

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Learn more about the artist plan.

Intro song: Lycii & Declan James – Saturn

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