Nik Cherwink On Channeling Creativity and When To Market Your Music

In this twenty-sixth episode of The EDM Prodcast, I chat with Nik Cherwink, the Industry Advisor at the renowned Icon Collective Music Production School. This interview touches upon truly important topics for aspiring producers, especially in regards to the power of a community like the one Icon Collective has built for it’s students. Beyond that, Nik offers a wealth of knowledge and his perspective on what connects listeners to artists, and how to develop that connection.

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What we talk about:

  • How to approach networking
  • Channeling creativity
  • Finding inspiration to deal with writer’s block
  • Surrounding yourself with people along the same path
  • When to start marketing yourself as an artist
  • Figuring out your identity and authenticity in music

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Cool things mentioned in the episode:

Nik Cherwink on the Web:

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