Nick Sadler on Launching Never Say Die, Disciple & The Label Machine

This week, Nick Sadler sat down to chat for the EDM Prodcast.

Nick is best known as the co-founder of labels such as Never Say Die & Disciple Recordings, but is also known for his work with his company The Label Machine. After writing a book on helping people start-up labels, he turned it into a fully-fledged business where he coaches people along the process.

In the interview, we dive into his background and how he transitioned from being an artist into the marketing side of things. We discuss how this came about through being open to the opportunities around him.

Later on, we talk about problems that the modern artist faces, and why working with others is key to growing in your music, branding, and promotional skills.

Nick also covers what makes an ideal candidate for a producer who’s thinking of starting a label – that you have to be entrepreneurial, people-focussed, and dedicated.


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  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:56 Interview start
  • 4:36 Nick’s background in music
  • 7:03 When he decided to pursue music
  • 10:40 Transitioning to starting a record label
  • 12:10 Moving from NZ to the UK
  • 13:51 Early dubstep with Never Say Die
  • 15:13 Helping label owners with The Label Machine
  • 17:24 The accidental transition into marketing
  • 19:04 Create your own opportunities
  • 23:17 Self-releasing and DIY culture
  • 29:03 Getting feedback on your music and marketing
  • 32:08 Labels as just distribution and admin
  • 35:00 Visuals and the future of artist branding
  • 37:20 Sharing your face 39:07 Find a scene and imitate
  • 41:28 Launching Disciple Recordings with Dodge & Fuski
  • 44:33 Labels as a community 46:05 Running The Label Machine
  • 49:07 What qualifies an artist to start a label?
  • 52:05 Labels as a passive income stream
  • 54:45 Monetize around your music, not just your music
  • 55:25 Why design is a key skill for label owners
  • 57:25 What’s coming up next?
  • 59:50 If you had a time machine, what would you change?
  • 01:02:14 Wrapping up

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