SubmitHub CEO Jason Grishkoff on How To Market Your Music as an Indie Artist

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This week, Jason Grishkoff sat down to chat on the EDMProdcast.

Jason Grishkoff is the founder of the popular music blog Indie Shuffle, as well as the music submission site SubmitHub.

We start off with Jason’s background, discussing his progression from semi-pro Counter Strike player to indie music blogger. We dive into how he turned his passion for sharing music with friends into his blog Indie Shuffle, and how he grew the blog while working a 9-5. We discuss the two pivotal shifts by Google and Facebook that killed music blog traffic, and why he feels blogs still have large influence in the music industry in 2020. 

Later on, we discuss how Jason turned a nagging submission management problem for Indie Shuffle into his music submission site, SubmitHub. Jason offers advice on how to make the most out of SubmitHub, discussing how to maximize your submission approvals and an easy way to earn free premium credits.

On the marketing side, Jason dissects what an indie marketing campaign should look like in 2020. He discusses why Spotify playlists aren’t as important as everyone thinks, and where he feels your time is better spent to grow your project. He also discusses how to approach and deal with rejection as an artist, and why all creatives should read more fiction.

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