Lindgren on Honing Your Writing Skills & Breaking Into The Music Industry

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This week, Lindgren sat down to chat on the EDM Prodcast.

Lindgren is a multi-platinum music producer and songwriter from Berlin, Germany. His lengthy list of credits includes Dua Lipa, BTS, Halsey, Sia, Cheat Codes, and Illenium.

We start off with Lindgren’s background, discussing how he fell into writing and producing pop music. We discuss what he learned attending the renowned Pop Academy in Germany, and how he built his first connections in the music industry. We also discuss the importance of writing camps to his development as an artist, both to help him sharpen his skills and to connect with other artists.

On the music side, we dive deep into Lindgren’s songwriting workflow. We discuss where he finds inspiration for his music, writing alone versus with collaborators, and why speed is essential to his writing workflow. He breaks down where he picked up his lyric and melody writing skills, offering his best advice for songwriters looking to improve their skill set. He also discusses what he’s learned working with producers like Yoad Nevo and Virtual Riot, and some of the other lessons he’s picked up from his many collaborative writing sessions.

Later on, Lindgren explains how to know when your music is good enough to release, how he picks what projects he does and doesn’t work on, and why he doesn’t have a solo artist project. He also discusses what a typical week looks like for him, and how he balances writing with everyday life.

Overall, Lindgren offers heaps of advice for aspiring songwriters, whether they’re looking to develop their technique, build up connections, or simply to start releasing music.

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