Finding Your Sound Design Flow & Building Online Connections With Slippy

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This week, Slippy sat down to chat on the EDMProdcast.

Slippy is an electronic producer from Florida who’s well known for his popular releases on Monstercat.

If you wish the guests on this podcast dove deeper into technical production concepts, this episode is for you.

We start with Slippy’s background, looking at how he built up production knowledge from scratch. We talk about the small producer group that he’s a part of which he attributes a lot of his success to. He discusses why it’s so important to have other artists to grow with, not just from a promotion standpoint, but to learn and gain motivation from.

On the production side, Slippy dives deep into the technical aspects of his production workflow. He discusses the synths and effects he uses for sound design, and his approach for creating sounds from scratch. He breaks down his layering process, and his best advice for leveling up your mixing. He also discusses his current writing workflow, which helps him get solid ideas down quickly, which ultimately helps him finish more music. He also discusses separating sound design and production, and how he resamples from his own music and from sample packs.

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