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This week, Zes sat down to chat on the EDM Prodcast. Zes is Dutch producer known for his futuristic and experimental electronic productions. He’s released music on labels such as Cloudkid, Fog Mountain, and The Sound You Need.

We talk about Zes’s background in music and how he transitioned into pursuing music full-time. Part of what helped him go full-time were a few big sync placements for companies like Apple and Huawei. We discuss how he got into sync licensing and how it helps him make better music for his Zes project.

On the production side, Zes breaks down his full production workflow, from the analog and modular gear he has to the typical processing chains he uses in the DAW. He dissects his songwriting workflow, discussing how a simple shift has made him more productive in recent months. We also talk about how it’s important to find the right scene in the music industry and to find the right collaborators and partners to grow with.

Later on in the episode, Zes discusses how he handles creative block, and why creative block is often a sign that things are moving in the right direction for your music. He also mentions how financial stability can affect your creativity, an important but often under-discussed aspect of being an artist.

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