Finding Your Sound and Perfecting Your Workflow with Bronze Whale

In this episode, I have a chat with Aaron and Benny from Bronze Whale. If you’re not familiar with their project, their music is a unique blend of pop, hip-hop, and electronic influences. Their debut album Shape of Things dropped earlier this year, and it really showcases their unique sound and style. 

We spend a while talking about their background, discussing how they met and why they decided to form a duo. They actually started with one of them mentoring the other in music production, so we talk about how they transitioned from that relationship into becoming partners. Aaron had a decade of production experience before met Benny, so it was interesting to hear how they came together and why that dynamic worked extremely well. 

We also talk about the writing workflow they’ve developed that helps them stay productive in the studio. They have a unique approach to starting and developing ideas, so if you’re someone gets stuck in the 8 bar loop trap or get intimidated by a blank project file, there is a ton of practical advice for you in the interview.

We also discuss how they’ve worked to develop their unique sound, how they ensure they aren’t overproducing a track, and some of their favorite production tools and techniques.

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