50 Twitter Tips Feature

50 Twitter Music Production Tips

Last year, we posted quite a bit on our Twitter account.

But not all of you are following us on there, and sometimes they get lost in the noise.

So we decided to round up 50 of the best tips from the past 12 months into this blog post!

Because sometimes, you just need something to keep the inspiration flowing.

You’ll find tips on:

  • Optimising workflow
  • Production hacks
  • Mindset shifting
  • Setting goals
  • + more!

Let’s get to it.

The Tips

And That’s A Wrap

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About the Author

Aden Russell


With 10 years of music production experience and some marketing chops, I head up the content here at EDMProd. I also make music under Artsea. My pastimes include reading, drinking coffee and taking photos.