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The most common trap producers fall into

Almost everyone who starts out in music faces this problem. If you’re not aware of it, you’ll probably face it too. It will slow you down on your journey to making great music. This guide will show you what it is and why you should avoid it.

Dimensions: 700 x 450 (Replace me)
Dimensions: 700 x 450 (Replace me)

How to set goals that help you learn

It’s not enough to just set a goal then forget it. That’s not how real learning happens. This guide will show you how to create goals and systems that enable you to learn and grow quickly as a new producer.

Plus 8 more tips to help you get started on the right foot…

Learn why quantity should be your focus, how to learn faster, why deep work is your friend, and how to apply science-backed deliberate practice concepts to learning how to make music.

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Dimensions: 700 x 450 (Replace me)

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