Chord Composition and Production

Blurred Chords It’s easy for chords to sound generic. Take pads, for example. It’s easy to slip into using the same preset, the same progression,

TL;DR Music Theory: Pentatonic Scales

In today’s “TL;DR Music Theory: Pentatonic Scales” article we’re going to look at, you guessed it, pentatonic scales. What are pentatonic scales? Pentatonic scales are

TL; DR Music Theory: Partial Chords

Today’s “TL; DR Music Theory: Partial Chords” will explore “partial chords,” as I call them. What I mean by “partial chords” are chords that are

TL; DR Music Theory: Extended Chords

In today’s TL;DR Music Theory, we’ll be talking about basic extended chords. We’ve talked about triads and 7th chords in an earlier article, and extended

TL;DR Theory: Diatonic Minor Chords

This TL;DR Music Theory post explains diatonic minor chords and why the harmonic minor scale comes into play. As mentioned earlier, “diatonic” refers to notes

TL;DR Theory: Diatonic Chords

In today’s “TL;DR Theory: Diatonic Chords” we’re looking at the backbones of all harmonic progressions: diatonic chords. The word “diatonic” means something along the lines

Music Theory: The TL;DR version

For too long the EDM world has overlooked theory, or only superficially skimmed the surface. This post is the first in a comprehensive, in-depth look


We’ve touched on major and minor scales, but there’s another type of “scale.” It’s a little more abstract in nature, but incredibly useful, and you

The Circle of Fifths

The circle of fifths is your friend. Then again, you could ignore it and just write everything in the key of C, like some producers.

How Keys Work

In Western music, C major is the natural major scale. This means that the half-steps naturally occur between E and F, and B and C.

Chord Voicing Variations

So far the chords we’ve talked about were built with the root as the lowest note (1 3 5, for example). However, chords can be

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