Hyperbits on Mixdowns, Layering, and Making Music Your Life

We’re now at episode 15 of the EDM Prodcast. 15 isn’t a special number. It’s not 25, which is a quarter of 100, and it’s not 10, which is the first two-digit number, but it’s a nice number nonetheless.

Fortunately, this week’s guest is A LOT more interesting than the number 15.

His name is Serik Slobodskoy, and he produces music under Hyperbits and The Rooftop Boys.

This interview is one of my favorite so far, why? Because Serik goes deep into the technical aspects of music production–mixing, layering, composition, etc. But he also shares his story and talks about how he went from being a marketing manager at a lifeless company to full-time artist.

So, while it’s incredibly motivating, there’s also a lot of practical advice in it.

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What it takes to make a living from music
  • How to approach your mixdown for the best results
  • The one thing to keep in mind when layering, and how to approach layering as a whole.
  • How to stay creative constantly
  • Why you should spend time writing your track before anything else
  • How to find and use inspiration


Cool things mentioned in this episode:

Before you go…

Thanks for taking a listen to episode 15!

Before you head off, I encourage you to check out Serik’s music and everything else he’s got going on. Here’s his social links:


The Rooftop Boys:

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