Max Vangeli & Denis Hiller (NoFace Records) on How To Build an International Brand

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This week, Max Vangeli & Denis Hiller from NoFace Records sat down to chat on the EDM Prodcast.

NoFace was originally launched in 2016 as a partnership with Armada, and they recently brought it back as a label, distribution, and education platform. Max Vangeli is well known his classic releases on Armada and Size Records, and his collaborations with artists like Tiesto, Steve Angelo, and AN21.

In this episode, we start off with Max & Denis’s background, discussing how they both got their start in the music industry. We look at how they grew Max Vangeli’s brand to an international level with minimal connections in the music industry. There’s a lot you’ll be able to learn from the DIY, entrepreneurial mentality they put into growing Max’s artist project.

On the label side, we discuss their initial concept for NoFace Records, and how they transformed it last year to create the record label they wish they had early on in Max’s career. We also discuss their production school and distribution platform NoFace Academy, and why aspiring artists shouldn’t shy away from indie labels.

Later on, we discuss the importance of building a community for your artist project and why gaining DJ support does next to nothing for your project growth. We also talk about the importance of the right living environment, as well as their advice on starting a music business from scratch, whether it’s an artist project, a record label, or something else.

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