Villem on Innovative Sound Design, Sticking to One Genre, and Building Your Musical Confidence

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This week, Villem sat down to chat on the EDM Prodcast.

Villem is a Drum & Bass producer based in the UK who’s released on DnB heavyweights like UKF, Spearhead Records, and Drum&BassArena.

In this episode, we look at how Villem initially got into DnB and what made him decide he wanted a career in music. We discuss the various music schools he went to and, looking back, how he would have approached his music education differently. We talk about the first steps of launching the Villem project, which took longer than it should have because of the anxiety he had sending out his music. We later look at the lengthy process it took for him to turn music into a full-time career, diving into the multiple streams of revenue he’s built up over the years.

On the production side, we dive deep into Villem’s songwriting and sound design workflow. We discuss the two different ways he starts a track, and how he knows whether or not an idea is worth finishing. We talk about his favorite analog synths, his unique parallel distortion approach, as well as his detailed bassline processing. We also discuss how he gets creative with background textures, advice for anyone who struggles with arrangement, and why he doesn’t spend much time in genres outside of DnB.

Later on, we discuss the common issues that come up during the one-on-one mentoring sessions he has with producers, his series of best-selling sample packs, and the keys to his Spotify playlist success. We also discuss how he manages his time for music with his family, as well as his approach towards music during the pandemic situation.

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