Kandy on Finding Your Identity and Keeping Things Simple

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This week, Kandy sat down to chat on the EDMProdcast.

Kandy is a Brooklyn based DJ/producer who’s currently signed to Thrive Music. Alongside his billboard charting solo releases, he’s collaborated with artists such as Nervo and released official remixes for artists such as Katy Perry and Selena Gomez.

We start off with Kandy’s background, discussing his evolution from attending raves to taking up music production. We discuss the early days of the Kandy project, and his evolution from writing heavier bass music to the pop-friendly dance tracks he’s making now. We also discuss the hiatus he took back in 2018 that helped him to reflect and redefine his sound.

On the production side, we spend a while discussing Kandy’s approach to songwriting and arrangement. He offers advice on how to write music on a more emotional level, a focus that has made him much happier with the music he’s writing. He discusses how to keep things simple with your productions and arrangement, and why he avoids hoarding synth and effect plugins. He also discusses how to identify a creative direction for your music, and where he looks for creative inspiration (especially during the current pandemic situation). 

Later on, Kandy offers insight into his social media content strategy, why every producer should download TikTok, and the biggest lessons he’s learned in the eight years of this project.

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