Wuki on Finding Your Sound, High-Profile Collabs, and Creative Distortion Techniques

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This week, Wuki sat down to chat on the EDM Podcast.

Wuki is a Grammy nominated producer who’s collaborated with industry heavyweights including Diplo, Skrillex, Kayzo, Valentino Khan, and Anna Lunoe, and he’s released music on imprints such as OWSLA, Atlantic Records, Fool’s Gold, and Ultra.

We start off with Wuki’s background, discussing his band Innerpartysystem and the golden era of Myspace. We talk about his transition into EDM, looking at the tracks and bootlegs that launched his career. We also discuss how he found his signature sound, and why after 7+ years of this project he’s decided to release his debut album.

On the production side, we discuss how Wuki gets creative with distortion, looking at the Max for Live and 3rd party plugins he relies on. We also talk about how he mixes his kicks and bass, recording vocals on his iPhone, and whether or not you should use Sausage Fattener on your master bus. 

Later on, we discuss what he’s learned collaborating with artists like Skrillex and Valentino Khan, what he’s learned during his Twitch feedback streams, and what to expect from his debut album

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