KSHMR on Staying Motivated, Building a Successful Brand, and Being an Authentic Artist

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This week, KSHMR sat down to chat on the EDMProdcast.

If you’ve been producing dance music for more than 30 seconds, you’re surely familiar with him, whether it’s from his classic dance tracks like Secrets or My Best Life, his chart topping sample packs, his production tutorials, and most recently his very own plugin KSHMR Essentials.

We start off with KSHMR’s background, looking at how he built his production and songwriting skills by himself early on. We dive into how he fell into producing for rappers and singers, and how this led to him creating The Cataracts project, widely known for their hit single ‘Like A G6’. We spend a while discussing KSHMR’s transition into EDM, and how he took everything he learned in the pop world and put it into his ideal artist project. KSHMR explains the keys to his early success with this project, and what separated him from other producers that were making the switch to EDM.

On the production side, we discuss how to balance the technical and emotional aspects of production. KSHMR mentions how producing EDM has hurt his ability to write music on an emotional level, because he, like so many producers, is overly concerned with the technical aspects of production. We talk about how to deal with this issue, focusing on how he crafts emotive and expressive tracks within the dance music sphere.

Later on, we talk about his new education platform Dharma Studio, as well as his brand new plugin KSHMR Essentials. We discuss why he loves teaching music production, and the lesson he’s learned helping out thousands of producers. KSHMR also lists off his favorite uncommon 3rd party plugins, a few of which you’ve likely never heard of but will blow you away.

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