How to Break Through as a New Artist with Morgin Madison

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This week, Morgin Madison sat down to chat on the EDMProdcast.

Morgin Madison is a fantastic producer who’s unique brand of atmospheric house music has landed him on outlets like Lowly Palace and Parametric Records.

We start with Morgin Madison’s background, looking at his progression from corporate lobbying to pursuing a career in music. We dive into the lengthy journey to find his current sound, which included a previous artist project and several rebrands. As he was independent for the first few  years of this project, we discuss what he learned about marketing, promotion, and branding that helped him grow his artist project essentially by himself. We also talk about being comfortable with wanting to be a musician, an idea many producers struggle with due to external pressure from friends and family.

On the production side, we cover a several aspects of Morgin Madison’s production workflow. He’s currently sitting on 40+ finished tracks, which you can bet he was asked about. We discuss how he’s able to write so much music, diving into his default template, his songwriting process, and his approach to sound design. He also dissects his approach for mixing kick and bass, how he adds dense reverbs to his tracks without muddying them up, and unique approach to layering sounds.

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