How to Stop Overproducing With Black Caviar

This week, Black Caviar sat down to chat on the EDMProdcast.

Black Caviar is a Grammy nominated production duo based in New York with releases on Republic and Atlantic, official remixes for artists like Lizzo and Tiesto, and music in the latest Spiderman and Charlie’s Angels movies. 

We start with Black Caviar’s background, looking at the organic development that led to them working as a duo. Jared from Black Caviar was formerly an A&R at Casablanca Records, so he talks on the importance of experience in the music industry and what he learned working at a major label. Their project also started as a purely fun hobby for them, so we talk about how they developed it into a sustainable career, and how they keep the project fun with the increased pressure that’s come their way.

On the production side, we focus heavily on how to build a catchy and full track with a minimal production. If you’re a fan of their music, you’ll know they do a lot with a stripped back production. They talk about how they’ve developed the ability to do this, and they offer advice for producers who are guilty of overproducing. 

Later on, we talk about their approach to managing creative block, the balance between releasing originals versus remixes, and how to deal with the fickleness of the music industry

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