Expert Advice from Industry Veterans With the Disco Fries

Disco Fries

This week, the Disco Fries sat down to chat on the EDMProdcast.

The Disco Fries have been a staple in the dance music scene for over a decade, with releases on all the big electronic labels, collabs with artists like Tiesto, and dozens of high profile remixes for artists like Usher, Katy Perry, and Selena Gomez to name a few.

Given how long they’ve been around, they have a ton of experience and advice to share with producers of all levels.

We start with their background in music, discussing how they met at the Berklee School of Music and why they decided to form a duo. We talk about how they dealt with the fear that most music school students go through, which is “how am I going to make a living once school is over”, and how they quickly transitioned into actually making a living off the Disco Fries project.

Outside of releasing music and touring under the Disco Fries brand, they generate revenue off of music in a number of ways, including writing for film and tv, running a record label, running a publishing company, mixing and mastering for other artists, and a whole lot more. If you’re keen to find ways to make a living off of music that doesn’t include streaming or shows, you’ll take away a ton from this episode.

We also talk about the balance between making music for fun versus making music for a career, and how to avoid developing a resentful relationship with music. They offer their best advice for younger producers trying to break into the industry, as well as producers in their late 20s or 30s that worry they’ll never make a career in music.

On the production side, we talk about their collaborative workflow, which for the past few years has been primarily remote. They currently live in different cities, so if you’ve ever struggled to work with another artist remotely or remote collaboration is something you’d like to get into, there’s a lot to learn from the way they’ve refined their collaborative approach.

They also talk about their mixdown tutorials in Mixing for Producers, EDMProd’s flagship mixing course.

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