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This week, Hanz sat down to chat on the EDMProdcast.

Hanz is a talented producer based out of Norway who’s released on labels like Majestic Casual, Foreign Family Collective, and Lowly Palace.

We start off with Hanz’s musical background, diving into the lengthy process before he started releasing music. He actually started this project as a bit of a joke to prove to his coworker that producing Trap wasn’t that hard. After a while, he began to connect more with the music he was making, and after hearing a certain EP from another artist inspired him to take music more seriously. We discuss the importance of identifying with the vibe or mood of your music, and advice on finding your music niche.   

On the production side, we talk a lot about his songwriting workflow, looking at how he writes music that’s both unique and relatable. We talk about how to write better verses, and how to approach writing second verses and choruses, something a lot of intermediate producers struggle with. He also dives into his favorite synth and effect plugins, including a little known plugin he uses to build dense, atmospheric textures.

Later on, Hanz offers his advice on how to be unique in the ‘lofi-hip hop’ scene, and how he’s built up a fanbase in a genre that’s great for streams but not for follows. We also discuss why he collaborates so often, and his process for collaborating on music remotely.

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