How to Push Through Musical Roadblocks With Glacier

This week, Glacier sat down to chat on the EDMProdcast.

Glacier is a talented artist and producer who’s well known for his original releases on Monstercat.

If you feel stuck right now at school or work, you’ll want to carve out time to listen to this episode in full. It’s been a lengthy journey for Glacier to get where he’s at right now with both work and production, and there is a lot to learn from the way he’s handled and mishandled different situations. 

We start off with Glacier’s background in music, looking at the methodology he used to quickly learn new instruments. We talk about him going to and dropping out of college, his experience attending an audio engineering school, and the various part time jobs he’s held while growing his artist project. We talk about the balance between pursuing your craft and financial stability, and how he’s struck a good balance with his current working situation.

On the production side, we talk about how to develop a consistent writing workflow, how to add more complexity to your music, and the importance of learning music theory. We also talk about the right way to win a remix contest, what plugins he can’t live without, and what he learned teaching at an audio engineering school for two years.

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