Switching Careers and Finding Balance with BeauDamian

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This week, BeauDamien sat down to chat on the EDMProdcast.

BeauDamien is a Dutch producer who’s released on outlets like Monstercat, STMPD RCRDS, and bitbird. Aside from his more EDM-focused productions, he’s also an award-winning film and game score composer.

We start with BeauDamien’s background, discussing the lengthy journey he took to discover that he wanted a career in music. He breaks down his unsuccessful artist projects before launching the BeauDamien project, and how he found his happy niche in the music industry. We talked about how he got connected with San Holo and the bitbird family, and what he learned from the other artists on that label that helped him grow his career even further.

While discussing his background, Beau consistently emphasises the importance of self-care as an artist. It’s tough to find a healthy balance between work, school, friends, relationships, and music, and Beau talks about what did and didn’t work for him to find the healthy balance he has now.

On the production side, Beau talks about the keys to his songwriting, sound design, and mixing success. He breaks down his melody writing process, offering his best advice on writing more catchy and memorable melodies. We also look at the plugins he uses for sound design and mixing, and what helps him achieve clear and full mixes.

Later on, Beau talks about his musical inspirations, and how he perpetually stays excited to create more new music. He also discusses the importance of having musicians in your circle to learn from, to grow with, and to gain motivation from.

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