Making Music That’s Uniquely Yours with On Planets

This week, On Planets sat down to chat on the EDM Prodcast.

On Planets is a producer and vocalist based out of Vancouver who’s known for his introspective electronic productions. If you’re not familiar with his project, you should be, as his music is a refreshing blend of acoustic and electronic influences.

We dive deep into his music background, looking at his early influences and his journey to creating the On Planets project. A lot of producers get stuck in the ‘hobby’ approach to music, neglecting to put intention and purpose behind their productions. A big shift occurred when On Planets realized this, setting him on the musical trajectory he’s following now.

Later on, we talk about his year and a half music hiatus, which he took after gaining solid traction with his artist project. He went through both a musical and personal burnout, and decided it was best to put the project on hold. He talks about what he learned during this hiatus, and how he built up both the confidence and routine to again start releasing music. 

On the production side, we talk about his typical writing workflow, including how he wrote and produced his latest single Sticks. He dives into the analog setup he uses, listing the inexpensive gear he used early on.

He’s currently working a full-time job, and we talk about how he balances both work and music to keep a consistent musical output. We discuss how 9-5 jobs are often undervalued, and the benefits of having a traditional job that supports your creativity.

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