Songwriting, Live Performance, and Mixing with Anomalie

This week, Anomalie sat down to chat on the EDM Prodcast. Anomalie is a classically trained keyboardist and producer based in Montreal, Canada. He’s well known for his jazz and classical inspired electronic productions, as well as his viral live performance videos.

Anomalie talks about his unique musical upbringing, discussing how he pivoted from his classically trained background to producing electronic music. He had a non-linear journey from attending musical school to launching the Anomalie project, from playing in a house jazz band to doing commercial writing. He discusses how he got into production and how he developed his production skills to the point they’re at now.

On the production side, Anomalie explains the unique four step writing workflow he uses in the studio. He talks about the various roles a producer serves, and how he separates the writing, production, and mixing of a track. On his North American tour last year, Anomalie did a 1-hour masterclass before each show diving into his production, writing, and live performance setup. He summarizes what he covered in these masterclasses, discussing the main takeaways his students left with.

We also discuss how he built his first connections in the music industry, his approach to developing and writing an album, and how he deals with creative block. It’s refreshing to hear that someone as musically literate as Anomalie also deals with creative block, and he offers some great advice on the subject.

Photo Credit – © Dave Kaufman. All Rights Reserved.

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