Maintaining A Long Career in the Music Industry with Morgan Page

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Morgan Page is an electronic music veteran with hits like The Longest Road and a solid discography of remixes for big-name artists like deadmau5 and Flight Facilities. Beyond his music, he’s known for running the MP Quick Tips page on Twitter, where he offers out advice he’s learned over his decades of experience in the industry.

Over his years in the music industry, Morgan has seen a lot of shifts in the way music is written/produced, how it is marketed and how people have adapted. An increase in quantity can be good, but quality can be hard to find, both in music and in music education. He shares his perspectives on this and also his own struggles with music even to this day.

Beyond this, Morgan talks about recent developments in the music production gear space and how he uses this equipment to improve his music in his own unique way. He finishes on some upcoming projects that you should definitely keep an eye on.

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Morgan Page with HALIENE – Footprints (Remixes)

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