Building a Team and Finding Your Niche with Dirty Radio

This week, Waspy from the dance-R&B group Dirty Radio sat down to chat on the EDM Prodcast. They’ve released three full length albums and a ton of successful singles on labels such as Spinnin’, Mad Decent, and Majestic Casual.

Dirty Radio has been releasing music for over a decade, so Waspy has a lot to share on what he’s learned over that time and looking back, how he would have done things differently. There are three core members of Dirty Radio, so we talk about how they came together, what their roles are, and how those roles have developed over time. 

Dirty Radio is a songwriting forward project, so we focus in on how they start and develop ideas. A lot of producers open the DAW and wait for inspiration to strike, and Waspy talks about why this is often a bad idea and what he does to start tracks off the right way. Overall, he offers a ton of valuable advice on production, marketing, and networking, especially for those of you that haven’t really stepped out of the electronic scene.

Dirty Radio – Nobody Does It Better:

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