Finding Your Sound and Filling Out Drops with Nurko

This week, Nurko sat down to chat on the EDM Prodcast. Nurko has released on Armada, Proximity, and Trap Nation, and has high-profile remixes for artists like Morgan Page, Lost Kings, and Dabin. 

We cover a lot in this interview, starting with his background in music and how he discovered the distinct sound his project has. Instead of trying to force through a certain sound, Nurko let it come naturally to him, working in different genres until a sound came out they he enjoyed making and people respond well to. If you’re currently struggling to find your own unique style, Nurko has a ton of valuable advice for you in this interview.

On the production side of things, we dive deep into his workflow and production process. We spend a while talking about how he finds the right layers for his drops, what he does to make them more exciting, and how he adds several layers without muddying up the mix. Nurko also offers his best advice for newer producers, discussing what helped him accelerate his growth early on.

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