Finding Happiness and Success in the Music Industry with Pierce Fulton

This week, Pierce Fulton sat down to chat on the EDM Prodcast.

Part 1 of our interview, which is what you’re on right now, is all about his background and journey as an artist.
Part 2, which will be out in a few days, covers all things production, including his workflow, favorite plugins, and advice for producers.

In this episode, we really dive deep into his journey as an artist. We talk about how he decided to quit college to pursue music full time and how he ended up feeling lost immediately after, how his track Kuaga came about and how he dealt with the pressure that came with its success, and how he’s since worked on chasing what inspires him in music and what makes him happy as an artist.

This was one of my favorite interviews to record because Pierce is extremely honest and reflective about his success and struggles throughout his career. No matter where you are in your production career, you won’t want to miss out on this interview as Pierce offers a ton of value and perspective on finding both happiness and success in the music industry.

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