Phase Cancellation: How To Avoid Weak Mixes

Phase Cancellation

Phase cancellation is a problem every producer will run into someday. You may have phasing issues in your music and not even realize it. It’s more subtle than “too much reverb” or “not enough bass”. It can be hard to hear and even harder to fix (if you don’t know what you’re doing). And it […]

Vital Presets: The Best Free & Paid Packs in Any Genre (2022)

Vital Presets

Vital has been a game-changer synth since its arrival in 2020 – but finding presets can be tricky. Unless you have a paid tiers, your choice of presets is limited. And even though we encourage people to design their own sounds, sometimes you just want some good presets to get you started. In this post, […]

ADSR Envelopes: How To Creatively Sculpt Your Sounds

Ever come across the term ADSR, but weren’t sure what it meant? ADSR stands for Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release. And it forms the basis of all synthesis and sound design techniques. Although it can seem daunting at first, the concepts are really simple to grasp. If you are just starting your sound design journey, you have come to […]

Writer’s Block: 7 Tricks to Overcome Your Creative Enemy

Writer’s block is a well-documented condition with many different causes. It happens when the “author is unable to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown”. And the longer it lasts, the more frustrating it can become. “As a writer, a blank page will humble the hell out of you. It always does, and it […]

Collab Bro? 9 Crucial Tips For Collaborating With Other Artists

“Collab Bro“? Hang around music producers long enough, and you’ll get a few of those in your DMs. However, “Collab bro?” is much more than just a meme. Collaborations can help you learn faster, grow your audience and finish more tunes. But it has to be done right. In this article, we’ll explore: the benefits […]

Noise Gates: How To Clean Up Your Mixes (Like A Pro)

For all the talk about compressors and limiters, noise gates are a lesser-discussed topic in electronic music. But a noise gate could actually be the key to unlocking a cleaner mix. Although they are mostly used during live recordings, they can also help remove noise and muddiness in your productions. In this guide, we will […]

Vital Synth: The Last Guide You’ll Ever Need (2022)

Some have called Vital the successor to Xfer Serum. Released in November 2020, it is one of the most intuitive synth plugins on the market. And it’s free. You read that right. So what makes Vital so special? In this guide, we will go through everything you need to know to create the most amazing […]

Latency and CPU: 9 Tips To Optimize Your DAW Performance

We’ve all been there. You’re listening back to your tune in your DAW, checking the mixdown when suddenly everything cracks and stutters. Sound familiar? Then you’re probably having CPU issues. Your computer specs set the limits of what your DAW is able to process. However, there are many steps you can take to optimize your […]

Subtractive Synthesis: The Complete Guide for Music Producers (2022)

Subtractive synthesis might sound like an obscure concept to you. Yet, it is one of the essential building blocks of sound design. And although it might seem overwhelming at first, it doesn’t have to be that way. This is why we’ve made this guide for you. Together we’ll run through: What subtractive synthesis is How […]

Audio Filters Explained: Low-Pass, High-Pass and Beyond

Audio Filters

Audio filters are one of the most essential tricks in the producer’s toolkit. When used efficiently, they can provide clarity and space to your mix. However, it can be easy to over-complicate the use of filters and get lost in the terms. In this guide, we’ll tackle: What an audio filter is The basic parameters […]

Drum Breaks: A Guide To Injecting Character into Your Music

Drum Breaks

Whether you are into house or jazz, chances are you’ve heard of the terms drum breaks or breakbeat. A drum break is a short instrumental (often percussive) section of a song, aimed at building anticipation. It can also function as a separation between parts of the song. Drum breaks were especially popular in both 70s […]

The Haas Effect: How To Make Any Mix Sound Huge

So, you want to know what the Haas effect is? Let’s start with a better question. Do you ever feel like elements in your mixes sound too thin and lack any depth? I know I have in the past, and no amount of EQ or gain staging could help me. Enter the Haas effect – […]

Pitch Shifting + Time Stretching: 9 Unique Tips To Transform Your Sounds

Pitch shifting and time stretching are two of the most commonly used sound design techniques. Typically pitch shifting is used to change the pitch of an audio sample while keeping the duration of the sample unchanged. Time stretching on the other hand is used to change the duration of the sample without changing its pitch. […]

How To Use A Limiter: The Definitive Guide (2022)

When I think about how to use a limiter, I remember back to the first tunes I ever finished. Happy with the mixdowns, I would rush to upload them to Soundcloud, only to realize with horror that they lacked any loudness and punch when played right after somebody else’s track. Sound familiar?  If so, a […]