Transient Shaper: Want To Bring Your Drum Sounds to The Next Level? πŸ’―

A transient shaper is often overlooked by beginner producers. And it’s understandable. Its effects are subtle, and it probably shouldn’t be the first thing you learn πŸ˜… However, once you learn about it, you’ll end up using it all the time πŸ”₯ Transient shaping is the art of making your transients more or less apparent. […]

The Circle of 5ths: How Every Producer Can Use It πŸ”₯

The circle of 5ths can sound like a boring topic. Or maybe you think it’s reserved for jazz musicians who need to improvise at every rehearsal. But the circle of 5ths is actually the most useful tool in music theory. With a bit of practice, it can help you write melodies and chord progressions much […]

FM Synthesis: The Beginner’s Guide to Crazy Sounds (2023)

FM synthesis might sound like a scary topic to you. Or you might think that it’s only good for those Brostep bass growls. However, FM synthesis is an essential building block of sound design. And although it might seem overwhelming initially, it doesn’t have to be that way. This is why we’ve made this guide […]

Synth Pads: 9 Crazy Ways to Create Lush Atmospheres (2023)

Synth pads are what give our tracks their density and their fullness. Without a good pad, your track will sound thin and empty. Besides filling up the frequency spectrum, a pad also gives movement to our track. So it’s worth knowing different methods to create them. That’s what we’ll cover in this guide! Together, we’ll […]

LFO Like a Boss: The Complete Beginner’s Guide (2023)

An LFO is one of the most common tools used in sound design. Load any preset in your favorite synth, and there’s probably one active. LFO stands for Low-Frequency Oscillator. And it’s what gives our tracks movement and variation. With LFOs, you can modulate any parameter of your choice. Which makes it an extremely powerful […]

Soothe 2 – How To Instantly Clean Up A Muddy Mix βŒ›

soothe 2 plugin

If you’re struggling with muddy mixes, Soothe 2 might be your savior. In a nutshell, Soothe 2 identifies problematic resonances and applies gain reduction automatically. Need to give your vocals more clarity? Too much muddiness in your bass? This is what Soothe 2 was made for! Although it might sound complex, the process is surprisingly […]

9 Unique Ways to Process Samples Creatively 🎨

The ability to process samples uniquely is a foundation of modern EDM. After all, pretty much every track you’ve heard of has samples in it. But being able to transform a sample so you don’t recognize it is an art! After all, there’s nothing worse than building a track around one sample… Only to find […]

17 Mixing Mistakes You Are Probably Making πŸ™ˆ

Making mixing mistakes is part of every producer’s journey. After all, it’s only through error that we learn. And although I’m always learning, there are some things I wished I’d learned sooner. That’s why I’ve compiled this guide for you! πŸ™ Together, we’ll look at some of the most common mixing mistakes. From stereo imaging […]

Arpeggiators: The Hidden Key to Beautiful Melodies 🎢

Arpeggiators are one of the best tools to create beautiful melodies. Because let’s face it: writing melodies is hard. At its core, arpeggios are simply notes from a chord played consecutively. Sounds pretty simple right? However, modern DAWs and MIDI keyboards bring them a step further. All you need is a chord progression to create […]

Why and How to Compress Bass in EDM (2023)πŸ”₯

Beginner producers often overlook learning to compress bass. And when mixdown time comes, it can become a huge problem. The bass is the foundation of any EDM track. Without a solid low-end, your track loses energy and momentum. And bass compression is the key to getting a consistent, powerful bass sound! So in this guide, […]

The Art of Turnarounds: 9 Tricks for Better Transitions in EDM 🎡

Turnarounds and transitions are what separate amateur and pro-sounding tracks. And when done correctly, they can move your track forward seamlessly. At its core, a turnaround is simply a passage that leads from one section of your track to another. From subtle FXs to huge clap build-ups, effective turnarounds will keep your track flowing. You […]

Music Scales for EDM Producers: All You Need to Know 🎼

Music scales are the foundation of music. Without scales, we wouldn’t be able to write the music we do. Or at least, not as easily! Overlooked by beginners, music scales are your best tool to write catchy melodies. This is because a music scale determines which notes sound good together, and over which chords. And […]

Compressors vs. Limiters: What’s the Difference?

Compressors and limiters can be tough to grasp for beginner producers. And for good reason. Unlike delays and reverbs, changes in dynamics are sometimes really hard to notice. But in the world of dynamics, compressors and limiters play a central role. Although similar, there are some key differences between them. And mastering them will bring […]

13 Proven Ways to Promote Your Music On Spotify πŸ“’

Being able to promote your music on Spotify is a must for any modern producer. After all, Spotify controls about one-third of the music streaming market. But trying to stand out in an ocean of daily new music can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be that way! From playlist promotion to artwork, you […]

Convolution Reverb: The Hidden Secret to Realistic Spaces

Convolution reverb is a topic I rarely see discussed on YouTube and blogs. Maybe you’ve never heard the term before. Or you’ve seen it in passing, but are not quite sure what it is? For me, convolution reverb is to key to ultra-realistic reverbs. In a nutshell, convolution reverbs apply the characteristics of reals spaces […]