Chord Composition and Production

Blurred Chords It’s easy for chords to sound generic. Take pads, for example. It’s easy to slip into using the same preset, the same progression, the same voicing, etc. This article should help give you an idea of how to make your chords less generic, more full, and something that stands on theirย own in a […]

TL;DR Theory: Diatonic Minor Chords

This TL;DR Music Theory post explains diatonic minor chords and why the harmonic minor scale comes into play. As mentioned earlier, โ€œdiatonicโ€ refers to notes in a key. If we play a scale with diatonic chords, there are certain chord qualities that we must follow to be in key. For a more in depth explanation,ย check […]

Music Theory: The TL;DR Version (2023)

For too long the EDM world has overlooked music theory, or only superficially skimmed the surface. So I made this guide – a comprehensive, in-depth look at music theory and how it applies to electronic music production. I’ve made posts as concise as digestible as possible. In other words, this is Music Theory: The TL;DR […]