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As a result of purchasing EDM Foundations I was introduced to the world of production in a way I had not previously experienced. I was able to comprehend the practical differences between genres as a result of the thorough walkthrough of three different tracks. For the first time I understood the full picture of music production from start to finish and was able to confidently begin producing my own tracks. 

William Martinez

I am really happy that I signed up for EDM Foundations. I have no idea where I would be had I not finally just buckled down and made an effort to dive into electronic music production, and this course was the perfect gateway into that world.

Kurt Shuster

I had been producing for a long time but just acquired sporadic info on the internet. The flow from basics to more advanced topics was really useful and I learnt a lot more going through things in a structured way. I have just managed to get my first track finished (well first track in a long time), all the way through to Master and Release. I’m now following your advice of finishing tracks in the hope that I can improve each time I reach the final stage. 4 more tracks lined up and have some other producers remixing them.

Darren Goddard

The course design really made it feel as if I was in a truly academic environment, supporting better learning and focus. Given my past experience with less than fulfilling musical tutorials and resources, my expectations were far exceeded by the level of the course’s professionalism. As a skilled musician and student, I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their skill set with digital music production.

Steven Tomaszewski

My girlfriend gets mad at me for spending too much time working on music, but after showing her how much I’ve learned from your class lately she finally gets it. I honestly feel like the content in your program is super informative, but still delivered in a way that it’s not boring, plus the song production walk throughs/practices are awesome! So it’s not hard to spend a lot of time working on everything.

Ben Bachert

I’ve learned so so so much from the courses – that led to demos that I made of my original songs which were then picked up by a professional producer. Now I’m currently signed to a record label here in Iceland and working on 2 EP’s that are set to be released this year. It all started with EDMProd – so thank you! 

Bergrós Halla

“I was concerned that this would be just another internet money-grab, but I was wrong. EDM Foundations taught me so much it’s unbelievable. Literally everything you need to know.”

Ali Ravazi

“I was skeptical at first because from what I’d read it seemed like you could only produce music after years of study. This course proves that wrong. Highly recommend it.”


“The hands-on approach has really helped me to actually learn to make and finish multiple songs. While most courses focus on teaching people about making music, EDM Foundations teaches you how to make music. I recommend this course for any new or aspiring producer, or anyone who needs to revisit the fundamentals.”

Rutger Doornbros

“As a business analyst by day, I take a value and ROI frame of mind with everything I do. I think this course is a perfect course for beginners because it is a relatively low price point, but the value of the output for the price point is immense.

Steve Pecora

Your course is honestly incredible,  it’s given me more then enough basic understanding to realize how little I actually know hahaha which is inspiring as hell because I’m excited as hell every time I sit down to experiment! It’s worth every penny,  and after this whole “apocalypse” end and im not working as much,  i’ll be right back in it.  Thank you for making EDM foundations 🤙

Nick Lavallee

I’ve been watching many tutorials and courses out there (mainly paid) and I can say that yours are the most comprehensive and professional, I only wished I discovered them earlier!

Alex Punct

Having a musicial background, I had a ton of ideas in mind but absolutely no idea how to produce them in Ableton. After working with your course, I can re-create anything I hear in my head with ease, as well as produce melodies/bass from my favorite songs within minutes!

Kyle Azevedo

 I got started with your EDM foundations program and I would never ever do it with out it if I had to do it all over again. It was the best resource to learn my DAW and the basic process of creating songs and producing 

Paul Paco

The real value of this course is the WAYS that it shows you to make music and that it reinforces no one technique is the correct way. Also by showing how to make different genres you get a taste for different styles of music which I think helps make me a better producer.

Ian Reich

I’ve only produced for a year and a half and started by YouTube tutorials and listening to your podcasts, which eventually led me to your courses. The amount I’ve gained both within and outside of music production has been amazing and i couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Justin Nielsen

I am partially through the FL Studio foundations course right now, and so far it has been one of the most helpful courses that I’ve seen anywhere online.

Jordan Meyer

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