Liquid DNB Sample Packs: 31 Of The Best (Free & Paid)

Want to make Liquid Drum & Bass, but don’t have the right sample Liquid DNB sample packs? 🔊

You’re in good hands. After producing for 13+ years, I’ve had the pleasure of using many different packs – the good and the bad.

So I’ve rounded up 31 of the highest-quality Liquid DNB sample packs available right now.

Let’s take a look! 🚀

Note: some of these packs are also available on Splice Sounds or Loopcloud. I’ve indicated this for each pack if you use those services. Also, not all of these packs are necessarily royalty-free – use at your own discretion.

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The Best Free Liquid DNB Sample Packs 🤩

Although the paid packs usually take a step up in terms of quantity…

There are still a number of high-quality free Liquid DNB sample packs that allow you to dip your feet in. Let’s explore:

SampleRadar: 485 Free DnB Essentials Samples

SampleRadar logo

SampleRadar is a go-to resource for all new producers, and for a good reason.

Their hundreds of free packs balance variety with quality, and you’ll always find something you can mess around with.

This pack is no exception, and it’s stacked full of samples that work for both Liquid and all Drum & Bass alike. And for a free pack, who could complain?

Download Now

SampleRadar: 200 Free Drum n Bass Breaks Samples

Although the original link is long gone, thanks to generous Redditors – the staple pack that has defined a lot of modern Liquid still survives.

SampleRadar has yet again delivered here with both quantity and quality at a $0 price tag.

DNB_BREAK_66.wav is probably the most notable sample of the lot here. But there are tons of break samples for you to layer, chop, or even just use as is.

Download Now

Arachne: Free Liquid Drum And Bass Sample Pack

Arachne Sample Pack

If you’re looking for a curated selection of modern Liquid drums, loops, FX, synths sounds and more – this has you covered.

Not to mention it includes over 200 samples. Definitely one of the top-value free packs you’ll find.

Download Now

Looperman: Free Liquid Drum and Bass Samples

Looperman logo

Looperman has been around for yonks, but for a good reason. It’s got a unique set of free samples that are perfect for Liquid DNB.

Hint: explore some of the non-DNB samples on here too – great for getting some creative ideas going.

Visit the Website

New to making Liquid DNB? Make sure to check out my ultimate start-to-finish production guide here.

Ed Solo: Classic Remastered Jungle Breaks

Classic Jungle Breaks

Every Liquid producer needs some of the raw, classic breaks that defined Jungle & Drum & Bass as a whole.

The problem is that most of the rips are low-quality, or don’t hold up to modern mix down standards.

So thankfully Ed Solo has delivered the goods with this remastered breaks pack – containing 72 samples of the most iconic breaks, organised by type and pitch.

Download Now

All The Breaks Vol. 1, 2 & 3

Would you rather process and re-master the original breaks yourself?

Here are 200+ raw sampled breaks at their original tempos for you to mess with – thanks to an anonymous Redditor.

Download Now

Natus: Textures

Natus Textures

Whereas most Liquid DNB sample packs mostly contain drum loops and one-shots, this one is all about lovely chord textures.

These are perfect for dragging-and-dropping when you need to fill out some space in your tunes (and are also some great starting points for some fun sound-mangling).

Not to mention, Natus is a genius producer in his own right, so you know these are gonna be good.

Download Now

DNB Academy: Motion Liquid Sample Pack

DNB Academy Motion

DNB Academy are a bunch of good dudes, and this pack is a reflection of that. No-filler, high-quality samples that just work.

You can grab these as part of your DNB Academy Free Access.

What’s inside:

  • 16 kicks, snares, and top loops
  • 10 musical and FX samples
  • FL Studio demo project files

Download Now

Alexander: Shryne Sample Pack Vol. 1

This is a huge pack of sounds that producer Alexvnder uses in his productions.

Warning: you’ll need a RAR extractor and some patience to download these all (it comes in 4 parts), but it’s worth it.

Download Now


Sampleswap website

Sampleswap has been around for quite some time, but still delivers.

You may have to do a bit of digging here (not all samples are DNB-friendly and you can only download a certain number of samples at once), but you’ll definitely stumble upon some gems.

Visit the Website

Antidote Audio: Free Drum and Bass Pack by K Motionz & Subsonic

K Motionz & Subsonic DNB Sample Pack

“Liquid” might be a strong word for some of the sounds in this K Motion’s & Subsonic pack…

But besides the squeaky jump-up basses, a lot of these sounds are perfect for your more energetic Liquid tunes. Definitely worth checking out.

Download Now

Jungle Jungle: 1989-1999 Samplepack by Blu Mar Ten

Blu Mar Ten Jungle Jungle Sample Pack

This Blu Mar Ten pack is full of classic jungle breaks, FX sounds and pads from the 90’s. If you’re looking to inject a bit of old-school into your tunes, don’t sleep on this one.

Bear in mind these are ripped from original tracks, so they’re not necessarily royalty-free.

Download Now

Ghosthack: Free Liquid Drum and Bass Samples

Ghosthack Free Liquid Drum & Bass Sample Pack

This is a well-curated pack of 44 samples – atmospheres, basslines, drums, synth sounds and more. A welcome addition to any Liquid producer’s aresenal.

Download Now

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Screamarts: Foley Sample Packs

Screamarts Foley Sample pack

Foley is an underrated way to make your Liquid tracks more organic and evolving. And this pack is the perfect place to start.

Screamarts has split the pack into two parts: raw and processed. So you can either use the samples as is, or process them in any way you like.

Download Now

Boey Audio: nCamargo Sample Pack

Boey Audio nCamargo Sample Pack

This is a great choice if you want pro-sounding samples that can be loaded in for instant inspiration. I grabbed this pack the other day and have had a lot of fun with it.

The drums are thick and vibey, the basslines are raw and deep, and the FX are spacey and dubby.

Download Now

Want some tips on how to take these sounds further? Check out my huge list of 37 Liquid DNB production tips.

The Best Paid Liquid DNB Sample Packs 🤑

If you haven’t gorged yourself on the free packs above yet, then you’re in for a treat.

Here are some of the finest paid Liquid DNB sample packs on the internet! 👇

Villem & McLeod: Liquid Gold Drum & Bass Vol 6

Villem & Mcleod Liquid Gold Drum & Bass Sample Pack

Villem is well-known in the industry for not only his well-rounded tunes, but also his samples and teaching.

This pack is one of the more recent ones from him, and yes – it checks out.

As per his website, expect: “Sparkling BREAKBEATS, cavernous BASS hits and loops, PADS for days, freaky dubbed out FX and more!”

Buy Now (£13.95)

Samplephonics Liquid DNB

Samplephonics Liquid DNB Sample Pack

Also available on: Noiiz

I love this pack because it balances those dusty, textured sounds with that modern Liquid crispness.

This pack has everything you’ll need – drum loops, one-shots, atmospheres, key samples, FX, and more.

Buy Now (£34.70)

Technimatic Loops Vol. 1

Technimatic Sample Packs

Techni(matic)cally, this isn’t just 1 pack… 😂

It’s 5 of them: Drums, Bass, Pads, Keys & Percussion. And each of them is absolute top-tier quality – perfect for injecting a bit of the iconic Technimatic sound into your productions.

Plus at £10 each, these are a steal.

Buy Now (£10 each)

Loopoholics: Liquid DnB Contruction Kits Vol 2

Loopoholics Liquid DnB Construction Kits Vol 2

You will have to create a LANDR account first, but it’s worth it for this pack.

It’s not just an average sample pack – it’s a pack of construction kits. These are great for analyzing how professional producers create drums, bass and melodic sounds that work in the end result. Which is what a good sample pack will do.

Expect 202 samples of piano, bass, atmosphere, FX, drum loops and more.

Access exclusively on LANDR Samples

EST Studios: GLXY Drum & Bass

GLXY Drum & Bass Liquid DNB Sample Pack

Also available on: Loopcloud

In the past few years, GLXY have made quite a name for themselves in the Liquid scene. Their sound is characterized by vibey, soulful keys, deep synth textures and crispy drums.

This pack is an accurate reflection of that sounding, containing 100’s of audio loops, MIDI progressions, and drum one-shots.

Buy Now (£29.95)

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Zenhiser: Recoil – Drum & Bass

Zenhiser Recoil Drum & Bass Sample Pack

Also available on: Splice Sounds

If you’re after a pack that delivers on those deeper, minimal Liquid vibes, this is your pack. I’d dare to say that this pack is essential for modern Liquid production.

Plus, 6GB of content (including full stems to play around with) will keep you busy for a while.

Buy Now ($60)

Production Master: Document One Technique Essential

Also available on: Splice Sounds

If you like your Liquid on the more energetic and bass-driven side – Document One’s signature pack is a must.

You’ll find not only mint-sounding kicks, snares, loops and bass sounds, but also an array of fully-customisable Serum presets to sink your teeth into. A truly diverse pack.

Buy Now ($44.95)

Loopmasters: Danny Byrd Drum and Bass Vol. 2

Danny Byrd Vol. 2 Sample Pack

If you’re looking for a classic pack from the 2010 era of upbeat Liquid, look no further than this pack from Danny Byrd.

Some of the FX in this pack I still use to inject a bit of ‘fun’ into my tunes.

Buy Now ($28.80)

Prime Loops: Ulterior Motive

Ulterior Motive Sample Pack

Also available on: Splice Sounds

Although the iconic duo Ulterior Motive has separated, this pack is still a go-to for me and many other Drum & Bass producers around the world.

Expect drum samples that balance groove and techy-ness, interesting textures and FX, plus many unique bass stabs – all included in the 503-sample-strong pack.

Buy Now ($23.35)

Test Press: Liquid DnB 2

Test Press Liquid DNB 2 Sample Pack

This pack has been a solid staple for me for the past couple of years.

My personal favourite samples in this one are the snares and rimshots – they’re super clean and punchy, and work every time.

Apart from that, you’ll get access to a load of “smooth musical hooks, lush chords, rippling synth lines, gnarly basslines, and rolling beats that flow effortlessly across the sonic spectrum.”

Access exclusively on Splice Sounds

Loopmasters: Hugh Hardie – Liquid Soul

Hugh Hardie Liquid Soul Sample Pack

Also available on: Loopcloud

Hugh Hardie is one of my favourite producers right now and is a huge inspiration for what I’m doing as Artsea.

In this pack, not only do you get amazing piano samples, but also the MIDI behind them as well. This way you can make them truly your own by using your own synths and instruments.

Here’s a great video of the man himself breaking down the process behind this pack:

Buy Now ($35.05)

EST Studios: Monrroe – Drum & Bass

Monrroe Liquid DNB Sample Pack

Another killer artist pack from EST Studios – Monrroe’s sample game is top-notch (not to mention he’s a lovely guy as well).

If you like fast, rolling drums, motion-infused basslines and refreshingly-different musical samples, definitely check this one out.

Buy Now ($34.57)

Commix Quarrantine Samples Bundle

Commix Sample Pack

Throughout lockdown in 2020-2021, Commix released a series of sample packs on his Bandcamp – an allsorts pack (mostly musical stuff), a think breaks pack and a bass pack.

And now you can get them all in one bundle at a reasonable price.

Buy Now (£24.30)

Loopmasters: Whiney – Drum & Bass Bubblers

Whiney Drum & Bass Bubblers Sample Pack

Also available on: Loopcloud

The perfect pack for more energetic, bass-heavy Liquid. Whiney’s sounds always stand up and give your tracks that professional edge and creative flair.

Expect 574MB of loops, one-shots, MIDI files, and sampler patches – all between 172-175BPM.

Buy Now ($34.57)

Test Press: DC Breaks Liquid Drum & Bass

DC Breaks Liquid DNB Sample Pack

This one is one of my favourite packs right now. The drums inside this one sound great straight out of the box, or for layering in to make your tunes pop.

Inside are 305 samples, 40 presets for Serum, Massive & Astra, and much more.

Access exclusively on Splice Sounds

Zenhiser: The Drum & Bass Club

Zenhiser - The Drum & Bass Club sample pack

I had to include a second Zenhiser pack since their sounds are just too good to ignore.

The top loops in this one add that perfect groove to any drum arrangement, especially for that modern, snappy Liquid sound.

The best part? There’s 6GB of content (loops, one shots, percussion, stems, MIDI and more), making this an endless resource for the contemporary D&B producer.

Buy Now ($60)

Also available on: Splice Sounds

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That’s A Wrap 👍

And with that, I hope you’ve found a great selection of sounds you can use in your next liquid tune.

Missed any key packs? Be sure to hit me up at [email protected]!

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