Crimson Child on Organic Sound Processing & Writing A Genre-Bending Album

This week, Crimson Child sat down to chat for the EDM Prodcast.

Yashar aka Crimson Child is an experimental bass music producer who has garnered the attention of industry staples in the past few years.

His recent LP, Eleventh Hour, came out on Space Yacht this year, and in this interview, we dive into the process behind it and how he had most of the album done before it was even signed to a label.

The sound design in the album is a particular highlight, so we cover some of his go-to techniques for achieving a gritty, cinematic feel in electronic music.

We also talk about his future plans, including focusing on a potential techno alias and how working in different genres can help your creative process.


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‘I Won’t Let You Fall’ VIP Mix →
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  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:18 Interview start
  • 3:17 Musical background
  • 6:35 Going full time into music
  • 8:01 How one song can change everything
  • 9:02 Having a ‘throwaway’ alias earlier on
  • 11:09 Evolving as a producer
  • 12:45 Switching to Ableton Live through a mentor
  • 15:19 Deciding on the Crimson Child sound
  • 16:21 Learning from other genres
  • 18:38 ‘I Won’t Let You Fall’ VIP Mix and its success
  • 21:37 Networking and relationships for opportunities
  • 24:01 Have value to add and something to say
  • 26:15 Learn from everything early on
  • 27:49 How mentoring and courses helped him grow
  • 30:58 Vocal manipulation
  • 33:03 Working with session musicians
  • 35:22 Your favourite techniques
  • 37:36 Recording live percussion and programming drums
  • 40:42 Eleventh Hour LP on Space Yacht
  • 42:57 How the album got signed through a livestream
  • 45:31 Pursue unlikely opportunities and having things ready to go
  • 47:24 The album art
  • 49:20 His favourite track from the LP
  • 51:15 Why do you like it?
  • 52:32 The sum of the parts
  • 52:57 Moving to Spain
  • 56:13 If you have a time machine, what would you go back and change?
  • 01:01:10 Where can people find you online?


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