Produce Clean, Powerful Mixes.

A two-course bundle that helps you master the framework, skills and tools you need to produce professional-sounding music.

Includes EDMProd’s Mixing For Producers ($297 value) and Hyperbits’ Mix Master Flow ($297 value)

What is the Ultimate Mixing Bundle?

The Ultimate Mixing Bundle is a two-course bundle put together by EDMProd and Hyperbits (two of the leading education providers in the electronic music production space, with 20,000+ students combined).

It contains EDMProd’s Mixing For Producers course (800+ students), and Hyperbits’ Mix, Master Flow course (800+ students).

Course #1

Mixing For Producers

Course #2

Mix Master Flow

These courses are not just duplicates of each other. Instead, they build on top of each other.

Here’s how:

Start with Mixing For Producers and develop a robust framework and skillset

  • Mixing For Producers starts off with a comprehensive Mixing Bootcamp designed to help you build a robust framework and foundational skillset.
  • You’ll then work your way through 5, detailed step-by-step mixing walkthroughs from 5 professional producers.
  • Finally, there are 10 bonus workshops on intermediate to advanced mixing skills, including vocal processing, layering, and more.


Take your mixing skills to the next level with the advanced content inside Mix Master Flow

  • Pick up a range of techniques and tactics with the 3 start-to-finish mixdown walkthroughs, as well as 3 start-to-finish mastering walkthroughs (and 3 stem mastering walkthroughs too).
  • Build your “technique library” with 50 technical mixing and mastering video tips
  • Get access to a bonus mixing sample pack + mixing templates and channel strips to speed up your workflow.

You've finished your song. It doesn't sound good. Now what?

If you’re like 99% of other producers, you’ve likely experienced something similar to this:

You come up with an amazing idea for a song. Maybe it’s a melody, a vocal hook, or a unique sample that you’ve found.

It creates massive motivation and momentum, and you find yourself deep in creative flow—enjoying every moment.

Your song practically writes itself.

And before you know it, you’ve finished the arrangement, composition, instrumentation, sound design, and almost everything else.

It’s essentially finished.

But there’s one problem: you haven’t mixed it down.

Or you mixed as you went, but now that you’re listening to it with fresh ears—it’s lacking… something.

And when you compare it to your reference track, or music from other artists that you’re a fan of, it just doesn’t seem to hit quite as hard.

This can be frustrating. Especially after you’ve spent hours, days, and potentially even weeks or months chipping away at your song.

The last thing you want is for your song to lack the punch, polish, and power that it deserves.

What’s the answer?

The truth behind making professional-sounding music

I’ll tell you what the answer is not.

It’s not: 

Here’s what you really need to mix better…

Framework. Skills. Toolset.

The Framework is your workflow and approach to mixing. It’s a dynamic process that you use to take your song from sounding okay to great.

Without having a framework or workflow in place, you’ll feel confused and stuck. You’ll likely procrastinate because you don’t know what to do next in order to move your song project forward.

With the framework in place, you’ll then use your skills to manipulate, tweak, adjust, process, and shape your mix in a way that sounds good to you (and others).

A crucial part of leveraging your mixing skills is knowing which tools and techniques to use, as well as the where, when, why, and how.

There are no magic shortcuts to developing this framework, building your skills, and acquiring knowledge about the tools and techniques at your disposal.

But there is an optimal way to get better: following action-oriented tutorials that show you exactly how to use mixing skills, techniques, and tools in the right context.

What you get inside


The 3 components inside Mixing For Producers that will take your mixes from average to great

A full course by itself, the Mixing Bootcamp gives you an in-depth understanding of mixing concepts and tools—so you know how and when to use effects and techniques.

Follow along in your own DAW with 5 start-to-finish mixdown walkthroughs from professional producers. Develop intuitive, practical mixing skills through imitation and practice.

Level up your mixing skills even further by learning advanced techniques with the in-depth mixing workshops. Learn multiband compression, vocal processing, and much more.

Let’s take a look at each of the components in more detail

#1: foundation

The Mixing Bootcamp

Develop a solid framework for mixing (even if you're a complete beginner)

The Mixing Bootcamp teaches you all there is to know about mixing fundamentals, including how to use EQ, compression, reverb, delay, and an array of other tools and techniques such as:


Step-by-Step Mix Walkthroughs

Develop practical mixing skills through imitation and practice (by learning from the pros)

Walkthrough #1

Disco Fries - Turning Corners

In this walkthrough, you’ll learn what it takes to mix a powerful drop (as well as mix for tension building intro the drop), and follow along with the duo step-by-step as they mix down their project.

Walkthrough #2

Enamour - Love Syndrome

In this walkthrough, you’ll learn about Enamour’s mixing philosophy and workflow, as well as follow along with him as he mixes each instrument and group. 

Walkthrough #3

Ryos - Only You

Follow along with Ryos as he mixes down his track “Only You.” You’ll learn how to get that fat, big room house energy by using compression and limiting, and the “do whatever it takes” philosophy behind a good mix.

Walkthrough #4

Disco Fries - Moving Mountains

In their second walkthrough, Disco Fries will show you what it takes to mix down a MASSIVE project file (150+ stems) and make it clear, clean and punchy. 

Walkthrough #5

Cozmoe - Before The New

Don’t have access to expensive gear? In this mixdown walkthrough, Cozmoe shows you how he processes DIY recordings of vocals and guitars to make them sound professional. 


Advanced Mixing Workshops

Discover new techniques, hone your craft, and gain a unique edge

These advanced workshops will teach you everything from vocal mixing to mid/side EQ (and everything in between). These workshops also act as a great reference for when you need to implement a specific technique in your own mixdowns.

Topics covered:

Taught by six expert instructors


Connor O'Brien

EDMProd Lead Instructor | Producer

Disco Fries

World-Class Dance Music Duo


Advanced Workshops Instructor | Producer


YouTube Educator | Producer


Producer & DJ

Sam Burke (Cozmoe)

Icon Collective Instructor | Producer

Everything Included With

Mixing For Producers

1 comprehensive bootcamp. 5 full mix walkthroughs. 10 Advanced Workshops.

+ Guidebook. Bonuses. Discord Mastermind Community with Monthly Feedback Streams.

Mixing Bootcamp

24-lesson course that gives you a fundamental understanding of mixing concepts & tools. 

Detailed Mix Walkthroughs

5 in-depth walkthroughs that teach you how to mix multiple genres, step-by-step. All stems + project files included.

Advanced Workshops

10 comprehensive video workshops that cover various advanced topics like mid/side EQ and stem mastering.



Quickly reference techniques & concepts with the included 200+ page guidebook (instead of always re-watching videos).

Vocal Mixing Masterclass

Learn how to edit, process, and mix vocals so they stand out and make your song memorable.

What Mixing For Producers students are saying

“Unlike other mixing courses, I’ve actually been able to apply all of these techniques in my own tracks as well. It helped me finish off 3 tracks in two weeks, and get one signed to a bigger label!”


“This course demystifies many aspects of the mixing process.  Having access to multiple, successful, industry professional instructors makes for an invaluable learning experience.”


What you get inside


3 Mixdown Start-to-Finish Courses

Watch the Hyperbits team of producers tackle 3 stereo masters from scratch, as they explain the entire process step by step, using inflation, excitement, compression, limiting, and EQ to bring your music to proper LUFS & RMS levels.

Totaling in over 4+ hours, you will learn the exact formula followed by the Hyperbits team to create loud, commercially viable masters that stand up against your favorite artists, without sacrificing any dynamic range or emotional clarity.

3 Stem Mastering Start-to-Finish Courses

Stem mastering is perhaps the most important workflow that ONLY professional artists seem to be talking about. You see, stem mastering is same process as mastering, but instead of access to one stem, you have access to 8-20 additional stems or groups.

Why is this so important? Because you have a lot more source material in order to make the necessary edits to bring your track to the next level of commercial quality and professionalism. In over 7+ hours of video, watch the Hyperbits team explain the revolutionary process of stem mastering to help create the absolute best results possible.

3 Mastering Start-to-Finish Courses

Mixdowns are by far the most important piece of the puzzle in order to achieve sonic clarity and commercial viability. Watch and learn with the Hyperbits team as we walk you through all of the fundamentals of a proper mix: saturation, subtractive & additive EQ, compression & side-chain, reverb, layering, effects and gain structure.

In over 10+ hours of instructional video, the Hyperbits team will show you exactly how to achieve an incredible mixdown that sounds exactly like your favorite artists. In fact, we’ll show you exactly how we use reference tracks to calibrate our ears.

50 Technical Mixing & Mastering Video Tutorials

With so much practical mixing and mastering knowledge in Mix Master Flow, we didn’t think the course would be complete unless we show-cased ALL our best techniques and tricks.

After a few too many coffees and Red Bulls, our team decided we needed to record ALL 50 of our favorite mixing tips. The result? 50 ridiculously informative, actionable and helpful mixing and mastering for you to implement in your music right away.

Here is a list of every technical tip we cover below, organized into 5 macro topics:

  • Remove Kick Fundamentals from Non-Kick Sounds
  • Adding Make-Up Gain for Reductive EQ
  • Creating Vocal Space with Reductive EQ
  • Analog EQ Boosts for Presence
  • Cutting Highs After High Shelf Boosts
  • The Sub Sweet Spot: 80 Hz
  • Mid-Side EQ Strategy for Clarity in Leads
  • Mid-Side EQ for Atmospheric Presence
  • Creating Width with Mid-Side EQ
  • EQ-Matching for Creating Pro-Level Sounds
  • Bus Compression for “Glue” Effect
  • Multiband Compression for Synth Chord Stacks
  • Compression for Overly-Aggressive Sounds
  • New York Compression
  • Limiter Settings for Increased Loudness
  • Using a Limiter to Tame Sub Frequencies
  • Limiting Chords & Leads Together
  • Lookahead Settings for Compressors
  • Sidechaining to Non-Kick Elements
  • Manual Sidechaining for Kick/Bass Relationship
  • Guitar Amping for Coloration, Presence, and Timbre
  • Bass Saturation
  • Saturation in Layers for Chords & Leads
  • Saturating Reverbs
  • Multiband Distortion for Leads
  • Fatter Sub on Smaller Speakers
  • Adding Power & Crunch to Drum Busses
  • Clipping Synth Stacks for Added Fullness
  • Clipping Doesn’t Mean Distortion! (Red Isn’t Always Bad)
  • Maximizing Sub Frequencies with Hard Clipping
  • Gluing Mixes with Room Reverb
  • The Abbey Road Reverb Trick
  • Cleaning Up an Overly-Wet Vocal
  • The Haas Effect
  • Automating Delays
  • Cleaning Up Overpowering Delays
  • Adding Movement to Hi-Hats
  • Better Transitions with Filter Automation
  • The Mono-Build Trick
  • The Reverse Impact Trick for Smoother Transitions
  • Properly Using a Limiter in Mastering
  • Achieving a Louder Master by Lowering Low-Mids
  • How to “Sonnox Inflate”
  • Reductive EQ: Troublespots in Mastering
  • Using a Reference Track in Mastering
  • The Benefits of Stem Mastering
  • Save Your Ears: Properly Adding Sizzle to a Master
  • Properly Automating Volume in the Mastering Chain
  • Low-End Saturation in Mastering
  • Taking Advantage of Multiple Sound Systems in Mastering

+ Get Over $300 Worth of Bonuses

BONUS #1: Recorded Q&A Session w/ The Hyperbits Team ($75 value)

Students of Mix Master Flow who get this bonus will have access to a thorough, live classroom question & answer session with our instructors, where students have the opportunity to get your mixing and mastering questions answered.

BONUS #2: The Ultimate Mixing Sample Pack ($52 value)

Yep, you read that right. A mixing sample pack, specifically meant for layering and mixing purposes, these sounds will bring an added fullness to your project. Claps and snares meant for thickening, kick clicks that mimic our favorite artists, tonal kick subs to replace directly into your kicks, sampled reverbs, simplistic effects, atmospheres, and so much more.

BONUS #3: Mixing Presets & Channel Strips for Ableton & Logic
($27 Value)

Our go to mixing presets and channel strips using Ableton Live and Logic Pro plugins. Whether it is delicate saturation, abrasive distortion, parallel compression to achieve the New York Compression technique, we’ve got you covered with our most used channel strips for mixing purposes.

BONUS #4: Mixing Templates for Ableton & Logic ($19 value)

Don’t want to do the leg-work? We’ve got you covered with our mixing and mastering templates for Ableton and Logic. Ready to save and load at a moments notice.

BONUS #5: Access to 3 Recorded Hyperbits Workshops ($127)

Have you ever attended a Hyperbits workshop? These are the most extensive, helpful live tutorials in the music production space on the internet. We know, it’s a bold claim, but these workshops simply go above and beyond expectations. 

In this bonus, you’ll get access to 3 recorded Live Hyperbits Workshops covering:

Wall of Sound Workshop

3 epic strategies to help you fill out your drops and chorus sections. Those powerful drops you hear from artists like Illenium, Porter Robinson and Seven Lions actually aren’t impossible to make. Find out how we go about building them.

Surgical EQ Workshop

In this hour-long workshop, you will learn 7 methods used by all of our favorite artists to achieve crisp, powerful and polished mixes.

Practical Sound Design Workshop

Learn the foundations of sound design & synthesis, whether you are advanced, up & coming, or a self-proclaimed ‘bedroom’ producer. You’ll get our simple formula to deconstruct & decode the sounds you hear in your favorite artists productions.

What Mix Master Flow students are saying

“After signing up for Mix Master Flow, my mixes became exponentially more clear and balanced. The way each tip is broken down and explained really helped me understand not only how to do these things, but why I should be doing them in the first place.”


“There is literally nobody else on the internet doing what Hyperbits is doing. What sets him apart from the 99999 other guys is that he’s actually had a successful career in music. This isn’t the blind leading the blind. It’s the woke leading the blind. If I had discovered him earlier, I would have paid 0 attention and 0 dollars to all the other sites.”


“I’d recommend Mix Master Flow to everyone who wants to stop wasting time on youtube looking for production tips. This course will save you time and give you plenty of tips and strategies to get tracks done right. The Hyperbits team are extremely talented as both teachers and producers.”


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General FAQs

After you sign up and complete your payment, you’ll instantly get an email from both of our course platforms with information on how to access the courses. Your bonuses will arrive in a separate email within just a few minutes. You can start the course whenever you please.

Once purchased, you’ll have instant, lifetime access to the courses. This includes access to all future updates.

A common concern people have when signing up to courses of this size is that they’ll run out of time and fall behind.

That can’t happen with these programs as they’re self-paced. You can go through them in a matter of weeks if you’re extremely diligent and have a lot of time, or you can go through it at a slower pace and take it all in. Whether it takes weeks, months, or even years—it doesn’t matter. You’ll always have access to the course material.

Of course. If you don’t like the courses, we’ll give you a refund via our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked. Just send us an email in that time frame and we’ll sort it out for you.

Mixing For Producers

Not really. The walkthroughs in Mixing For Producers are mostly recorded in Ableton (one is in FL Studio and another in Logic). You might be wondering whether this course is worth it for you if you’re using a different DAW.

Here’s the simple answer…

It is worth it. 

You’ll get access to stems, not just the full project files, so you can follow along in any DAW. Some techniques and tools may look slightly different, and there may be parts where you need to find a workaround in your DAW. But as a whole, you’ll be able to apply what’s being taught and develop your mixing skills.

Worst case scenario? It doesn’t work for you. You find it too hard to follow along in a different DAW. If that’s the case, just send us an email and we’ll refund you in full. 

No. Absolutely not. At the very least, you should have a good pair of studio headphones. Beyond that, it doesn’t matter a whole lot. You’ll be able to gain a ton of knowledge and skill from this course regardless of your listening environment.

Great! Feel free to use the chatbox to the bottom right of the page, or email us ([email protected])

Mix Master Flow

Upon signing up you’ll be given login info to the Hyperbits members-only site. From there you’ll be able to stream all course videos in high definition. Trust me, it’s better this way – 22+ hours of videos in HD is way too big of a file to download. And yes, you will have lifetime access to the material.

The instructors will be using Ableton & Logic Pro, but the course is designed to work with all current Digital Audio Workstations.

We don’t sugar coat it, we use plenty of third party plugins. Aside from the Sonnox Inflator, there is almost always a perfectly suitable alternative host DAW plugins, or cheap or free third party plugin that can get the job done.

Look, Youtube is an incredible resource, I would never deny that. But to rely SOLELY on Youtube for your education is a fools’ errand, and here’s why: If you value your time and want to streamline the process of making professional sounding music (something that can take years, maybe decades to do on your own) then you need professional guidance, not misguided, disjointed information from unvetted educators all over the internet. If you want results NOW, I’d genuinely recommend getting help. But if you don’t value your time, and would prefer to go it alone, that’s also completely fine.

Mix Master Flow spans most genres across the electronic music umbrella, including: future bass, future pop, future house, progressive house, deep house, & bass house. Plus, the information inside the course is not genre dependent. If you are making some sort of weird breed of jazz, neo-funk indie soul, with a rock influence – you will still get an insane amount of value from this course.

We have provided stems from all 9 of the original productions used in this course for you to practice your mixing, stem mastering and mastering with. This stems are for practice only so make sure to not create any original or remixed productions with these stems.

Mix Master Flow is for artists, producers, and engineers who are looking to create more professional sounding music. Is that you? If so, keep reading. If you have listened to your music and found it to be digital, dead, and flat, and are looking to create more life, energy, polish, and gloss (these are buzz words for the idea that you want to commercialize your productions) you will find a ton of value from this course.

Whether you are submitting to labels, blogs, Youtube & Spotify curators, whether you are creating music for TV and film, whatever your craft, making music that sounds professional is an absolute necessity these days, especially because literally anyone with access to a computer can make music now. The scene is flooded. It’s saturated. Investing in the quality of your productions is one of the best ways to help get your music ‘out of the resume pile’. 

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