The Producer’s Guide to Workflow & Creativity

Crush writer’s block, develop creative habits, and become a more productive producer.

  • Crush creative block and finish more music in less time
  • Build massive momentum and release tracks consistently
  • Come up with better ideas
  • Rekindle the fire & passion you have for producing music
  • Practice deliberately, develop skills, and make REAL progress as an artist

Table of Contents

Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • Workflow

    What is workflow? Why do we need it? Learn what an effective workflow looks like, the difference between workflow and creative habits, and how workflow helps us improve as artists. Practical assignment at end of chapter.

  • Creativity

    What creativity is and isn’t, a step-by-step process to get into creative flow, why consistency is important (and how to develop it), creating a pre-production ritual. Practical assignment at end of chapter.

  • Creative Block

    The 5 stages of creative block. General and stage-specific strategies for dealing with creative block. Overcome perfectionism and procrastination. Practical assignment at end of chapter.

  • Finishing Music

    Why not finishing is bad. The importance of starting strong (and how to do it). Iteration vs inspiration. Deadlines & accountability. Three extra strategies for finishing more music.

  • High Output

    Higher output leads to faster development as an artist, and you also have more music to share. Learn why quantity beats quality (initially), how to build momentum, and develop intensity and focus.

  • Collaboration

    Finding a collaboration partner is hard, so how do you find one? More importantly, how do you ensure that the collaboration process runs smoothly? How do you split up the work?

  • Deliberate Practice

    Are you really practicing? It’s not just about the hours you put in, it’s about what happens during those hours. In this chapter, I’ll help you come up with a practice plan to effectively develop your production skills.

  • Originality

    Learn why originality is overrated, and what you should focus on instead. In this chapter, I also talk about how to craft your signature sound, and why you don’t need to stress out about doing so.


The Producer’s Guide to Workflow & Creativity has helped thousands of producers make better music…


“It covered everything that bothered me and it was the only thing I found on the Internet that addressed my questions word for word.”

— Maroš K.

“…It really made me re-think the way I approach workflow and gave me a “glass half-full” mindset whenever I found or allocated time to produce. Thanks Sam!”

— Harris R.

“I constantly refer back to the PGWC for motivation and to stay focused. Thank you for such a great resource.”

— DJ Lima

“Lightbulbs continue to go off after reading this book.”

— Peter L.

“This guide will not only excel your workflow but will bring back the most important aspect to music production, having fun.”

— Ian P.

“Sam has a way of pulling together new ideas and things we know we should be doing in our creative life in a clear and simple way.”

— Keith K.

“Very inspiring stuff. I definitely plan to use this book as a guide, something I can resort to when I get stuck.”

— Bogdan

“Thank you for writing this book. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!”

— Ignacio

About the Author

Sam Matla
Founder of EDMProd

Hi, I’m Sam. I started EDMProd 6 years ago to help electronic music producers overcome creative problems and make better music.

I wrote this book to help you do exactly that: beat creative block, develop rock-solid workflow strategies, and ultimately make better music.

I’m also the author of EDM Foundations, our flagship course that’s helped over 2000 people master the fundamentals of electronic music production.