Workflow Foundations is Open for Enrollment

Over the past few months, Connor O’Brien and I have been hard at work on a course called Workflow Foundations.

It started as a result of a simple survey. What were producers struggling with the most?

We sifted through hundreds of responses and found that most producers struggle with three main things:

  1. Writing good ideas and building around them (in other words: what do you do once you’ve got a melody?)
  2. Expanding those ideas into full songs
  3. Pushing through the last 10% of a song (the hard part)

And that’s what the course is focused on.

If you want to:

  • Have control over your projects (instead of flailing around aimlessly hoping for something good to come out the other end…)
  • Turn your good ideas into great ideas (a song is only as good as its main idea…)
  • Push through that pesky last 10%…
  • And finish MORE music…

Then Workflow Foundations is for you.

Learn more about it here.

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