Master Uplifting Trance

Discover the secrets behind uplifting trance production in this 6+ hour walkthrough.

Are you a trance producer? Would you like to be? Do you get excited when you think about crafting a beautiful melody or driving bassline?

Start to Finish: Uplifting Trance Edition is a comprehensive 12-video tutorial where I walk you through the creation of an uplifting trance track, explaining the process step-by-step. You’ll pick up tricks, techniques, and develop key production skills that will aid you in your next project.

Think of it like me being in the studio with you.

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Part 1: Idea Generation (2 videos: 1h 30m)

Uplifting trance relies heavily on tactful composition, so we’ll spend a bit of time on it.

Part 1 consists of two videos: video 2 and video 5 (the first video is an overview)

In the first video, you’ll learn how to craft a memorable chord-based melody and write a supporting melody around it.

In the second video, you’ll learn how to piece together a calming yet tension-building breakdown with a piano as the core instrument.

Key things you’ll learn:

  • Idea generation workflow

    Most people work slowly and ineffectively when writing a new song. There’s a better way to do it. I’ll show you how.

  • Hacking composition

    Music theory helps, but you don’t need to know it to put together a great melody. I’ll show you the simple approach.

  • Effective velocity programming

    No one wants to hear a static, lifeless piano piece. Especially in an uplifting trance breakdown. You’ll learn how to use note-by-note velocity to draw the listener in and build tension.

Part 2: Sound Design (2 videos: 1h 30m)

Key things you’ll learn:

  • Professional processing

    Sound design may start with your synth, but it doesn’t end with it. You’ll learn how to properly process a sound with audio effects.

  • Layering

    Layering doesn’t have to be difficult. I’ll show you how to do it well by putting together a textbook multi-layered trance bassline.

  • The mix mindset

    I’ll teach you how to pay close attention to how you’re designing and layering sounds in preparation for mixing. A good mix starts with good sound design.

Sure, you can use presets, but where’s the fun in that? And what if you can’t find the sound you’re looking for?

Designing sounds for uplifting trance may be easier than designing sounds for other genres like drum n bass, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get creative with it.

In part 2, you’ll discover how to use Serum to create several layers of bass sounds (including an acid line), plucks, and leads.

In the first video we’ll focus on the bassline, using 5 different layers.

In the second video, we’ll spend time working on the chorus, designing and layering sounds for the chord-based melody.

Part 3: Arrangement (4 Videos: 1h 55m)

Structuring a track requires more work than simply plotting a few audio and midi clips in random spots.

Consisting of 4 videos, part 3 is long. But you’ll be happy you went through it.

In the first video we’ll focus on the high-energy, bass-driven intro, adding in an extra sound and optimizing the arrangement for maximum energy.

The second video is brief. We’ll fill out the full arrangement, leaving room for our build-ups…

…which you’ll learn how to create in the third video. There’s an art to creating good build-ups. You’ll want to know what it is.

The final video in part 3 will focus on transitions (with a quick section on creating fancy glitch transitions).

Key things you’ll learn:

  • Energy control

    How can you use your arrangement to take the listener on a journey? Learn how to structure your track in a way that offers contrast and asks for an emotional response.

  • How to keep your track interesting

    When you’re making a 6-7 minute long track, it’s easy to bore the listener. You’ll learn how to keep the listener interested through various arrangement tactics.

  • Fluidity & flow

    Learn how to make a track flow well through automation and the removal and addition of sounds.

Part 4: Mixing & Mastering (3 Videos: 1h 40m)

Key things you’ll learn:

  • The #1 thing you should focus on when mixing

    Most people waste time with fancy plugins and obscure techniques. You don’t need to do that.

  • Why preparation leads to a great mix

    Why is it a good idea to color and name tracks properly? Why group and submix tracks? Don’t ignore preparation.

  • How to use visual helpers

    Your ears should be the final judge, but tools like meters and spectrum analyzers do help. We’ll use them during the mixdown.

There’s nothing worse than putting hours of work into a track only to have it end up as a muddy wreck.

In part 4, we’ll prepare our track for mixdown, mix it, and then perform a brief master. I’ll also share my philosophy on mixing which will save you time during future projects.

In the first video, you’ll learn how to prepare your project for mixdown. A lack of preparation leads to a time-consuming mixdown and often results in a lower-quality mix.

In the second video, we’ll perform the mixdown, focusing heavily on the fader balance.

Finally, you’ll learn how to do a quick master on your track. This isn’t professional-grade mastering, but it does the job.

“Sam Matla is one of the most prolific educators in our industry, and his latest Start To Finish meets if not surpasses the already high standard of quality he’s proven to provide through his various music production resources in EDMProd. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the table in a well presented manner, making it easy to digest for beginners yet providing plenty of useful information for intermediate and advanced producers alike.”

– Santos Torres

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“From the beginning, Sam (EDMProd) has been a lifesaver for my journey making electronic music. The ability to have numerous learning tools available such as his book, site posts, podcasts or the Start To Finish videos he’s produced, have all been extremely beneficial, especially to somebody who is new to producing music. Unlike many avenues out there, he has a gift of actually teaching vs. simply talking about a topic, which is extremely helpful.”

– Colin Williams

Who am I?

I’m Sam, the founder of EDMProd, a project I started after several years of producing electronic music. I have a passion for seeing people experience the same joy I and others have experienced through creating music, and that manifests itself in blog posts, books, videos, podcast episodes, and guides just like this one.

As for the generic non-music-related stuff – I live in the windiest city in the world (it’s true), enjoy a good beer, and… actually that’s about it.


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