two minute tips

Two Minute Tips: Struggling to Finish Tracks? Finish the Arrangement FIRST!

Something I often hear from people is that they find it hard to finish tracks. They’ve got the intro and breakdown sorted, but they find it hard to get sections to flow, or they’ve only finished two minutes of their track and can’t seem to get the rest sorted.

There are many ways to combat this, and the advice I give in the video below is one of those ways. Basically, finish the arrangement first, without touching any synths, or inputting any notes.

The great thing about doing this is that:

  • It allows you to get ideas down quicker
  • You’re already building the track in your mind
  • It improves workflow in general
  • It provides a sense of direction

Note: I realize the video is six minutes long, and that this is a ‘two minute’ tip. But six minute tips doesn’t really have a ring to it, so we’ll all have to live with it I’m afraid.

You can download the FL Studio Template used in the video here.

Do you have any tips for finishing tracks? Let us know in the comments box below!